Gag Me with a Spoon

Gag Me with a Spoon


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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tim Buckley   Guitar,Vocals
Blow Pops   Track Performer
Mrs. Fun   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
D.J. Brooks   Drums,Vocals
John Carr   Drums
Paul Cebar   Guitar,Vocals
John Daniels   Bass,Vocals
Connie Grauer   Keyboards,Vocals,Voices
Linus   Guitar,Vocals
Todd Sucherman   Drums
Kim Zick   Percussion,Drums,Voices
Falling Wallendas   Track Performer
Willy Porter   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
David Adler   Drums
Steve Kleiber   Fretless Bass Guitar
Citizen King   Track Performer
Dave Cooley   Keyboards,Vocals
Bob Jennings   Piano,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Joe Vent   Guitar,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Brian Wooldridge   Bass,Guitar
Scott Wooldridge   Guitar,Vocals
Charles Jordan   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans   Track Performer
Pet Engine   Track Performer
Wooldridge Brothers   Track Performer
Marques Bovre   Guitar,Vocals
Soda   Track Performer
Yell Leaders   Track Performer
Alan Anderson   Bass,Upright Bass
William Stace   Percussion,Drums
Randy Baugher   cowbell
Jeff Benske   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Biemann   Bass
Mike Binign   Guitar,Vocals
Dan Bitenc   Bass,Vocals
John Bitenc   Guitar,Vocals
Clem Blanding   Bass,Accordion,Vocals
Andy Buck   Guitar
Ray Cribb   Guitar
Mike Devogel   Vocals
Eric Dummer   Drums
Rob Gjersoe   Guitar,Lap Steel Guitar
Eric Hartz   Drums
Susan Jeske   Violin,Vocals
Susan Jeske-Dermody   Fiddle,Violin,Vocals
Doug Meihsner   Bass,Vocals
Nick Randazzo   Drums
Melissa Seibold   Background Vocals
Ed Spangenberg   Trombone
John Steffes   Vocals,Fretless Bass Guitar
Julie Straszewski   Percussion,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Bobby Tanzilo   Percussion,Drums
Stephen Ziel   Guitar,Accordion,Vocals
Paul Scher   Tenor Saxophone,Wood Block
Alan Weatherhead   Drums,Vocals
McKiney Perkins   Conga,Bells,Shekere
Arch Alcantara   Guitar
Malcolm Michiles   Turntables,Vocals,Sampling
Alex Ballard   Guitar,Vocals
Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot   Track Performer
Priscilla Dixon   Choir, Chorus
Jennifer Bradley   Percussion
Mike Jarvis   Guitar,Vocals
Jack Rice   Bass
Troy Nelsen   Guitar,Vocals
Daniel Andera   Drums,Vocals
Pat Basler   Alto Saxophone
Mary Schmid   Vocals

Technical Credits

Blow Pops   Producer
Mrs. Fun   Producer
Paul Cebar   Producer
Connie Grauer   Quotes Researched & Compiled
Falling Wallendas   Producer
Willy Porter   Producer
Steve Kleiber   Contributor
Citizen King   Producer
Joe Vent   Executive Producer
Jim Keller   Composer
Sugarfoot   Producer
Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans   Producer
Pet Engine   Producer
Wooldridge Brothers   Producer
Marques Bovre   Producer
Soda   Producer
Yell Leaders   Producer
William Stace   Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer
Alex Ballard   Producer
Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot   Producer
Alan Forbes   Illustrations
Conni Blomberg   Scientific Assistant
Wolldridge Brothers   Producer
Blue in the Face   Producer

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