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Gaia Warriors

Gaia Warriors

by Nicola Davies

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A book on global warming like no other, merging key concepts with firsthand accounts from people of all ages who have found ways to help.

Inspired by the work of outstanding scientist and thinker James Lovelock and written by acclaimed author Nicola Davies, here is a book that takes a clear look at how and why Earth’s climate is changing and the ways we


A book on global warming like no other, merging key concepts with firsthand accounts from people of all ages who have found ways to help.

Inspired by the work of outstanding scientist and thinker James Lovelock and written by acclaimed author Nicola Davies, here is a book that takes a clear look at how and why Earth’s climate is changing and the ways we can deal with it. Its style is simple and its explanations are compelling, illuminating not only hard facts but also the opinions and potential solutions of scientists all over the world. But there are other voices too, those of people young and old — lawyers, food producers, fashion designers, scientists, rock stars, architects, conservationists, kids, campaigners, and more — who are trying to change the way they (and we) live on the planet. At once comprehensive and accessible, this galvanizing call to arms includes web links and resources that make it easy to join the cause.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Using scientist James Lovelock's Gaia theory as its framework, this handbook by a British zoologist addresses common misconceptions about global warming—for example, the tendency to think of weather and climate as the same thing ("climate is a pattern that reveals itself only over many years... you have to see the big picture"). Davies's tone is casual but informed, as she explains the consequences of climate change—such as the impact of melting Arctic ice on Inuit populations—and emphasizes the importance of joint responsibility, both by consumers and corporations. Practical suggestions for lifestyle adjustments underscore her honest but never somber message; profiles of individuals and organizations working to enact change should prove inspiring. Ages 11–14. (Mar.)
VOYA - Elaine Gass Hirsch
An intelligent book suitable for teens and adults, Gaia Warriors presents a clear understanding of climate change and what this means for the future of planet Earth and humankind. Scientific information is presented in an accessible, visually appealing format, which strengthens the book and creates an enjoyable read about a challenging subject. The first section addresses commonly asked questions about the impact of climate change, such as, "But hasn't the climate always changed?" and "It's only a few degrees, what difference will it make?" Section two discusses the future of climate change, focusing on a variety of individuals, including scientists, entrepreneurs, and young people who are environmentally conscious and participants in climate change activism. Information is presented in a way that an individual's carbon footprint seems invaluable in importance, which empowers the reader to consider personal habits and make changes in daily life and on a larger scale. Originally published in 2009 by Walker Books in the United Kingdom, this is the first U.S. edition. Davies is a zoologist and children's writer, and James Lovelock, a scientist and the creator of Gaia theory, presents a stark afterword in the book's third and final section. Web sites of environmental and scientific organizations provide direction for the engaged reader. This book is an excellent addition to environmental and contemporary issues collections in any library. Reviewer: Elaine Gass Hirsch
Children's Literature - Amy S. Hansen
Enthusiasm pours from this book. Davies is positive and forceful about the changes needed to slow global warming and save the planet from catastrophic change. She is also good at explaining the complex science that goes into the problems and the solutions. Interviews with scientists, political activists, biking activists, clothing designers, and others help show the network of people who are all working on our global problems. "We all have a choice," she writes. "We can carry on as usual and fry. Or we can take the opportunity climate change offers us to make a better world for everyone. In other words, we can choose to change for the better." Fortunately, she doesn't spend the whole book talking doom. At least half is focused on solutions that people are working on now. The overall effect is one of educated empowerment. Readers will have an understanding of how they can help now, and what they could do as they get older. The afterword written by James Lovelock, one of the creators of the Gaia theory, ties together several themes in the book. Backmatter includes a list of more resources, glossary, and an index. Reviewer: Amy S. Hansen
School Library Journal
Gr 5–8—Davies uses her signature lively and conversational prose style to explain the scientific proof of human-caused climate change. Although she does point out how many different parts of the world will be affected, she focuses on 13 people (many of them young adults) who are doing something to educate and change the ways of countries, corporations, and ordinary people. These portraits are encouraging, and the author focuses on how readers can also step up to make changes in their homes, schools, or neighborhoods. The layout is vibrant, with many graphics and full-color photos. A variety of font styles and sizes is used to attractive effect. The book is chock-full of websites and has a brief list for further reading. An excellent addition.—Denise Schmidt, San Francisco Public Library
Kirkus Reviews

Just in time for Earth Day comes this wide-ranging look at global climate change, which answers common questions and introduces people and organizations from around the world who are doing something about it. The first section defines the problem, explains how we know it's happening and responds to common arguments. Complex ideas are conveyed in a light, conversational manner, and the narrative is punctuated with interesting, appropriate quotations as well as interviews with a wide variety of scientists. The second section describes specific "Gaia Warriors"—individuals and groups working to change our ways. Davies describes a wide variety of campaigns—many by young people—especially in the areas of transportation, food, homes, clothing, deforestation and the intersection of climate change and human rights. She addresses some controversies, including the use of biofuels and nuclear power and the utility of carbon dioxide offsets. The trendy, magazine-like design of this English import will appeal to younger teen readers, who are encouraged throughout the book to visit specific websites for further information. First published in England in 2009, the information about world negotiations has been updated to include the results of the Copenhagen meeting that spring. One could quibble with the weight given various topics, but overall this is an enjoyable and comprehensive summary marred only by its complete lack of documentation. (afterword, more resources, glossary, index) (Nonfiction. 12-16)

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Meet the Author

Nicola Davies is a zoologist who has written many award-winning books for children, including Poop, Extreme Animals, Just the Right Size, What’s Eating You?, Big Blue Whale, One Tiny Turtle, Surprising Sharks, and Bat Loves the Night. She lives in Devon, England.

James Lovelock, one of the most important and influential scientists and thinkers of our time, is the creator of Gaia Theory, which has changed the way we think about the planet. His many publications include The Revenge of Gaia and The Vanishing Face of Gaia. He lives in Cornwall, England.

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