Galileo Seven Part 1

Galileo Seven Part 1

by Mike Johnson

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Children's Literature - Toni Jourdan
Captains Log, Stardate 2821.5 finds the crew of the Starship Enterprise heading towards Makus III carrying a cargo full of medical supplies, and led by Federation High Commissioner Ferris who is bound and determined to get this cargo to its destination in New Paris. Captain Kirk has noticed some unusual activity in Murasaki 312 and sends the Galileo out for a look-see, under Mr. Spock’s command. They have not gone far when a disturbance interferes with their controls; their last communication back to the Enterprise is that they have been drawn off course. Captain Kirk refuses to continue with the mission until his crew is backing safely onboard, only Commissioner Ferris is giving him a twenty-four hour ultimatum. Scanners are blank due to the ionization. Making them unsure they can find the closest planet capable of sustaining human life in this vast space. Will Mr. Spock and the crew be deserted on Taurus II, an unexplored and potentially dangerous planet? Illustrations give off an earthly (spacey) feel with muted colors and the beloved Star Trek characters that look just like their movie counterparts. In part one the reader gets a mere taste of what trouble the Galileo may be getting itself into. A fun adventure for the younger Star Trek fan in this graphic novel series picking up where the 2009 movie left fans hanging. Let’s hope they do not have to wait so long for Part 2! Reviewer: Toni Jourdan; Ages 7 to 12.

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ABDO Publishing Company
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Star Trek Series
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10.50(w) x 7.00(h) x (d)
GN540L (what's this?)
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

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