Galloping Guitar: The Early Years

Galloping Guitar: The Early Years

by Chet Atkins

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A wonderful multi-disc boxed set retrospective of Atkins's earliest recordings. Casual fans will be surprised to hear that Chet was originally marketed as a vocalist/guitarist, much the same as then popular Merle Travis was on Capitol. His eventual move over to strict instrumentals doesn't come until the end of this box set, with guestSee more details below


A wonderful multi-disc boxed set retrospective of Atkins's earliest recordings. Casual fans will be surprised to hear that Chet was originally marketed as a vocalist/guitarist, much the same as then popular Merle Travis was on Capitol. His eventual move over to strict instrumentals doesn't come until the end of this box set, with guest vocalists flitting in and out of the picture, but Atkins's guitar is solid throughout.

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Disc 1

  1. Guitar Blues  - Chet Atkins
  2. Brown Eyes Cryin' in the Rain  - Chet Atkins
  3. Ain'tcha Tired of Makin' Me Blue  - Chet Atkins
  4. I'm Gonna Get Tight  - Chet Atkins
  5. Canned Heat  - Chet Atkins
  6. Standing Room Only  - Chet Atkins
  7. Don't Hand Me That Line  - Chet Atkins
  8. Bug Dance  - Chet Atkins
  9. (I Know My Baby Loves Me) In Her Own Peculiar Way  - Chet Atkins
  10. The Nashville Jump  - Chet Atkins
  11. My Guitar Is My Sweetheart  - Chet Atkins
  12. I'm Pickin' the Blues  - Chet Atkins
  13. Gone, Gone, Gone  - Chet Atkins
  14. Barnyard Shuffle  - Chet Atkins
  15. Save Your Money  - Chet Atkins
  16. (I May Be Color Blind But) I Know When I'm Blue  - Chet Atkins
  17. I've Been Working on the Guitar  - Chet Atkins
  18. Dizzy Strings  - Chet Atkins
  19. Money, Marbles and Chalk  - Chet Atkins
  20. Wednesday Night Waltz  - Chet Atkins
  21. Guitar Waltz  - Chet Atkins
  22. Tellin' My Troubles to My Old Guitar  - Chet Atkins
  23. Dance of the Golden Rod  - Chet Atkins
  24. Galloping on the Guitar  - Chet Atkins
  25. Barber Shop Rag  - Chet Atkins
  26. Centipede Boogie  - Chet Atkins

Disc 2

  1. Under the Hickory Nut Tree  - Chet Atkins
  2. I Was Bitten by the Same Bug Twice  - Chet Atkins
  3. One More Chance  - Chet Atkins
  4. The Old Buck Dance  - Chet Atkins
  5. Boogie Man Boogie  - Chet Atkins
  6. Main Street Breakdown  - Chet Atkins
  7. Confusin'  - Chet Atkins
  8. Music in My Heart  - Chet Atkins
  9. Indian Love Call  - Chet Atkins
  10. Birth of the Blues  - Chet Atkins
  11. Mountain Melody  - Chet Atkins
  12. You're Always Brand New  - Chet Atkins
  13. My Crazy Heart  - Chet Atkins
  14. Hybrid Corn  - Chet Atkins
  15. Jitterbug Waltz  - Chet Atkins
  16. One Man Boogie  - Chet Atkins
  17. Crazy Rhythm  - Chet Atkins
  18. Crazy Rhythm  - Chet Atkins
  19. Rustic Dance  - Chet Atkins
  20. Rainbow  - Chet Atkins
  21. In the Mood  - Chet Atkins
  22. Spanish Fandango  - Chet Atkins
  23. Midnight  - Chet Atkins
  24. Good-Bye Blues  - Chet Atkins
  25. Your Mean Little Heart  - Chet Atkins
  26. Sweet Bunch of Daisies  - Chet Atkins
  27. Blue Gypsy  - Chet Atkins
  28. The Third Man Theme  - Chet Atkins
  29. One Man Boogie  - Chet Atkins

Disc 3

  1. St. Louis Blues  - Chet Atkins
  2. Nobody's Sweetheart  - Chet Atkins
  3. Lover, Come Back to Me  - Chet Atkins
  4. Stephen Foster Medley  - Chet Atkins
  5. Hangover Blues  - Chet Atkins
  6. Imagination  - Chet Atkins
  7. Black Mountain Rag  - Chet Atkins
  8. Guitar Polka  - Rosalie Allen
  9. Dream Train  - Rosalie Allen
  10. Meet Mister Callaghan  - Chet Atkins
  11. Chinatown, My Chinatown  - Chet Atkins
  12. High Rockin' Swing  - Chet Atkins
  13. Pig Leaf Rag  - Chet Atkins
  14. Oh by Jingo!  - Chet Atkins
  15. Hello Ma Baby  - Chet Atkins
  16. The Bells of St. Mary's  - Chet Atkins
  17. Country Gentleman  - Chet Atkins
  18. Memphis Blues  - Chet Atkins
  19. Alice Blue Gown  - Chet Atkins
  20. Twelfth Street Rag  - Chet Atkins
  21. Peeping Tom  - Chet Atkins
  22. Three O'Clock in the Morning  - Chet Atkins
  23. Georgia Camp Meeting  - Chet Atkins
  24. City Slicker  - Chet Atkins
  25. Dill Pickle Rag  - Chet Atkins
  26. Rubber Doll Rag  - Chet Atkins
  27. Beautiful Ohio  - Chet Atkins
  28. Kentucky Derby  - Chet Atkins
  29. Wildwood Flower  - Chet Atkins
  30. Guitars on Parade  - Chet Atkins
  31. Simple Simon  - Chet Atkins
  32. Rubber Doll Rag  - Chet Atkins

Disc 4

  1. Get Up and Go  - Chet Atkins
  2. Pagan Love Song  - Chet Atkins
  3. Beautiful Ohio  - Chet Atkins
  4. Downhill Drag  - Chet Atkins
  5. Avalon  - Chet Atkins
  6. Sunrise Serenade  - Chet Atkins
  7. San Antonio Rose  - Chet Atkins
  8. Set a Spell  -  Red Kirk
  9. Mister Misery  - Louis Innis
  10. Get Up and Go  -  Red Kirk
  11. South  - Chet Atkins
  12. Alabama Jubilee  - Chet Atkins
  13. Corrine, Corrina  - Chet Atkins
  14. (Back Home Again In) Indiana  - Chet Atkins
  15. Red Wing  - Chet Atkins
  16. Frankie and Johnnie  - Chet Atkins
  17. Gay Ranchero  - Chet Atkins
  18. Ballin' the Jack  - Chet Atkins
  19. Honeysuckle Rose  - Chet Atkins
  20. Darktown Strutters' Ball  - Hank Snow
  21. The Old Spinning Wheel  - Hank Snow
  22. Silver Bell  - Hank Snow
  23. Under the Double Eagle  - Hank Snow
  24. The Birth of the Blues  - Chet Atkins
  25. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)  - Chet Atkins
  26. Caravan  - Chet Atkins
  27. Ol' Man River  - Chet Atkins
  28. Mister Sandman  - Chet Atkins
  29. New Spanish Two-Step  - Chet Atkins

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Chet Atkins   Primary Artist,Guitar,Electric Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Hank Snow   Track Performer
George Barnes   Guitar
Anita Kerr   Organ
Marty Gold   Organ,Piano
Anita Carter   Bass,Vocals
Rosalie Allen   Vocals,Track Performer
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Frank Carroll   Bass
Ray Edenton   Rhythm Guitar
Charles Randolph Grean   Bass
Buddy Harman   Drums
Phil Kraus   Drums
Ernest Ernie Newton   Bass
Marvin Hughes   Organ,Piano,Celeste
Dale Potter   Fiddle
Bob Moore   Bass
Jack Shook   Guitar,Vocals
Roy Lanham   Guitar
Louis Innis   Rhythm Guitar
Chernet   Guitar
Dutch McMillin   Clarinet
Donald Slayman   Fiddle
"Papa" John Gordy   Piano
James "Jimmy" Atkins   Guitar
Harold Siegel   Bass
Donna Wilson   Vocals
Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters   Guitar,Steel Guitar
Coleen Wilson   Vocals
Red Kirk   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Rudolf Friml   Composer
Chet Atkins   Composer,Producer
Merle Travis   Composer
Irving Mills   Composer
Frankie Carle   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Nacio Herb Brown   Composer
Lew Brown   Composer
A.P. Carter   Composer
Colin Escott   Illustrations
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Otto Harbach   Composer
Rich Kienzle   Biographical Information
Stephen H. Sholes   Producer
Arnold Johnson   Composer
Tuvinian Singers   Composer
Bruce Hailstalk   Tape Research
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Dave Samuelson   Illustrations
Gerd Weiler   Artwork
James "Jimmy" Atkins   Composer
William Jerome   Composer
George Norton   Composer
Francia Luban   Composer
Juan José Espinosa   Composer
Abe Tuvim   Composer
Albert Von Tilzer   Composer
Jean Schwartz   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Sylke Lohmeyer   Artwork

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