Game Theory and Economic Behaviou

Game Theory and Economic Behaviou

by Reinhard Selten

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Vol. 1
Bibliography of Reinhard Selten's writingsxxiii
Nobel Prize citationxxxi
Part I
1'In Search of a Better Understanding of Economic Behaviour' in The Makers of Modern Economics, Vol. 1, Arnold Heertje (ed.), 1993, Harvester Wheatsheaf, 115-393
Part IIAxiomatic Characterizations
2'Valuation of n-Person Games', Advances in Game Theory: Annals of Mathematics Studies, 52, 1964, 577-62631
3'Properties of a Measure of Predictive Success', Mathematical Social Sciences, 21, 1991, 153-6781
4'An Axiomatic Approach to Consumers' Welfare', with Eyal Winter, Mathematical Social Sciences, 27, 1994, 19-3096
5'An Axiomatic Theory of a Risk Dominance Measure for Bipolar Games with Linear Incentives', Games and Economic Behavior, 8 (1), January 1995, 213-63108
Part IIILearning
6'Evolution, Learning, and Economic Behavior', Games and Economic Behavior, 3, 1991, 3-24161
7'Anticipatory Learning in Two-Person Games' in Game Equilibrium Models I: Evolution and Game Dynamics, Reinhard Selten (ed.), 1991, Springer-Verlag, 98-154183
8'End Behavior in Sequences of Finite Prisoner's Dilemma Supergames: A Learning Theory Approach', with Rolf Stoecker, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 7, 1986, 47-70240
9'Experimental Sealed Bid First Price Auctions with Directly Observed Bid Functions', with Joachim Buchta in Games and Human Behavior: Essays in Honor of Amnon Rapoport, David V. Budescu, Ido Erev and Rami Zwick (eds), 1998, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc., 79-102264
Part IVPolitical and Social Interaction
10'The Scenario Bundle Method', Research Conference on Strategic Decision Analysis Focusing on the Persian Gulf, Verein zur Forderung der Arms Control, e. V. SADAC, 5-56, reset with minor revisions291
11'Balance of Power in a Parlor Game' in Game Equilibrium Models IV: Social and Political Interaction, Reinhard Selten (ed.), 1991, Springer-Verlag, 150-209326
12'The Distribution of Foreign Language Skills as a Game Equilibrium', with Jonathan Pool in Game Equilibrium Models IV: Social and Political Interaction, Reinhard Selten (ed.), 1991, Springer-Verlag, 64-87386
Name index411
Vol. 2
Biographical sketchix
Part ITheories of Oligopolistic Competition
1'Multistage Game Models and Delay Supergames', in Lex Prix Nobel 1994, Tore Frangsmyr (ed.), The Nobel Foundation, 320-493
2'Restabilizing Responses, Inertia Supergames, and Oligopolistic Equilibria', with Thomas Marschak, Quarterly Journal of Economics, XCII, February 1978, 71-9333
3'Oligopolistic Economies as Games of Limited Information', with Thomas Marschak, Zeitschrift fur die Gesamte Staatswissenschaft, 133 (3), October 1977, 385-40956
4'Elementary Theory of Slack-Ridden Imperfect Competition', in New Developments in the Analysis of Market Structure, Joseph E. Stiglitz and G. Frank Mathewson (eds), 1986, Macmillan Press, 126-4481
Part IIOligopoly Experiments
5'An Experiment in Oligopoly', with Heinz Sauermann, General Systems: Yearbook of the Society for General Systems Research, V, 1960, 85-114103
6'Duopoly Strategies Programmed by Experienced Players', with Michael Mitzkewitz and Gerald R. Uhlich, Econometrica, 65 (3), May 1997, 517-55133
Part IIIBilateral Bargaining
7'Game Theoretical Analysis of Wage Bargaining in a Simple Business Cycle Model', with Werner Guth, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 10, 1982, 177-95175
8'Equilibrium Point Selection in a Bargaining Situation with Opportunity Costs', with Ulrike Leopold, Economie Appliquee, XXXVI (4), 1983, 611-48194
9'Original or Fake--a Bargaining Game with Incomplete Information', with Werner Guth in Game Equilibrium Models III: Strategic Bargaining, Reinhard Selten (ed.), 1991, Springer-Verlag, 186-229232
10'Bargaining Experiments with Incomplete Information', with Austin Hoggatt, D. Crockett, S. Gill and J. Moore in Bargaining Behavior, Heinz Sauermann (ed.), 1978, J.C.B. Mohr, 127-78276
Part IVCoalition Bargaining
11'Equity and Coalition Bargaining in Experimental Three-Person Games', in Laboratory Experimentation in Economics: Six Points of View, Alvin E. Roth (ed.), 1987, Cambridge University Press, 42-98331
12'A Demand Commitment Model of Coalition Bargaining' in Rational Interaction: Essays in Honor of John C. Harsanyi, Reinhard Selten (ed.), 1992, Springer-Verlag, 245-82388
13'Demand Commitment Bargaining in Three-Person Quota Game Experiments', with Bettina Kuon, International Journal of Game Theory, 22, 1993, 261-77426
Name index443

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