Game Theory and the Environment

Game Theory and the Environment

by Nick Hanley

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1Game-theoretic modelling of environmental and resource problems: an introduction1
2Cooperation versus free-riding in international environmental affairs: two approaches30
3Dynamic resolution of inefficiency due to international environmental externalities45
4Commitment and fairness in environmental games65
5Acid rain and international environmental aid: transboundary air pollution between Finland, Russia and Estonia84
6Nuclear power games98
7Renegotiation-proof equilibria in a bargaining game over global emission reductions - does the instrumental framework matter?135
8Linking environmental and non-environmental problems in an international setting: the interconnected games approach165
9Strategies for environmental negotiations: issue linkage with heterogenous countries181
10Environmental conflicts and interconnected games: an experimental note on institutional design204
11Environmental conflicts with asymmetric information: theory and behaviour219
12International dynamic pollution control237
13Learning about global warming255
14Migration and the environment287
15Strategic international trade and transboundary pollution: a dynamic model310
16Going green or going abroad? Environmental policy, firm location and green consumerism341
17A game-theoretic approach to the roundwood market with capital stock determination392

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