Gaming: From Atari to Xbox

Gaming: From Atari to Xbox

by Michael Ray

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VOYA - Heather Christensen
Britannica gives readers a chronological perspective of computer and information technology in this five book series. Each book introduces a particular topic and then more fully explores it from its historic roots to the most recent innovations and developments. Because many of the topics are so interconnected, there is some duplication between the books in the series. Overall, this is a well-developed series on an ever-changing topic. By connecting current developments with the past, students will see that new technologies do not appear spontaneously, but usually grow from existing knowledge. This series will work well for student research projects as well as in providing important information on technologies that today's students use on a daily basis. (Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century) Reviewer: Heather Christensen
VOYA - Meghann Meeusen
The "Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century" series explores various aspects of technological advancement and includes Issues In Cyberspace, Breakthroughs In Telephone Technology, Computing, Gaming, and Architects Of The Information Age. Volumes offer objective overviews, focusing mainly on historical context and details regarding specific technologies and/or individuals. As four of the five books are written by a single author, the series demonstrates relative consistency in format, organization and depth, where each volume includes both foundational information and a wide range of examples, each briefly summarized. An emphasis on breadth over depth characterizes Gaming: From Atari To Xbox, which utilizes an objective informational style. This volume defines ten different kinds of gaming and succinctly describes various examples of each. While readers unfamiliar with gaming can benefit from a sampling of the wide range of genres available, more knowledgeable gamers might enjoy learning about what differentiates gaming styles and the historical backdrop of their development. Informational texts regarding technology face a danger of quickly becoming outdated, but Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century avoids this to some degree by focusing on definitions and historical development, providing useful information in an accessible way even for readers with little technological expertise. Short sections divided by headings, avoidance of overly technical jargon, and useful images will help keep readers' attention, though the specificity of information is quite limited at times. Still, the amount of examples makes this a useful classroom tool for technology novices and an excellent starting point for research. (Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century) Reviewer: Meghann Meeusen

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Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century Series
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