Gamma Rays and Particle Production in Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Reactions

Gamma Rays and Particle Production in Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Reactions

by Jose Diaz, G. Martinez, Y. Schutz

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Table of Contents

Investigation of Giant Resonances via Photon Decay1
Giant Dipole Resonance in Hot Nuclei16
Monopole Transitions in Hot Nuclei50
Coherent and Incoherent Processes Probed Through [gamma][gamma] Correlations72
Dynamical Properties of Heavy-Ion Collisions from Photon Intensity Interferometry93
Two-Photon Interferometry: The Experiment98
Direct Photons as a Potential Probe of the [Delta]-Resonance in Compressed Nuclear Matter101
Hard Photon Production in Neutron-Proton, Proton-Nucleus and Nucleus-Nucleus Reactions112
Building a Tool for Heavy Ion Collision Studies: The Event Generator Geneve145
Impact Parameter Dependence of Hard-Photon Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions163
Calibration of Forward Wall and First Results166
Heavy Ion Optical Potentials Based on the Dirac-Brueckner Approach to Nuclear Matter173
INTEGRAL - The Next ESA Space Mission182
On the Nuclear Equation of State187
Sigma-and-Rho-Mesons in Dense Matter234
Meson Photo- and Electroproduction258
Photoproduction of [pi][superscript 0] and [eta]-Mesons on Complex Nuclei300
Photoproduction of [eta]-Mesons: Recent Results and Planned Experiments310
Industrial Applications at GANIL329
Particle Production in Heavy-Ion Collisions at Intermediate and Ultra-Relativistic Energies350
Particle Production at SIS Energies418
Polar and Azimuthal Distributions of Subthreshold [pi][superscript 0]'s: A Probe of Reaction Dynamics and Pion Final-State Interactions468
Identification and Spectroscopy of [pi][superscript +] with BaF[subscript 2]-Scintillators478
TAPS Response Measurements at MAMI487
Baryon Emission Relative to the Reaction Plane in Bi + Pb Collisions at 1 GeV/u497
Plans for Nucleon-Nucleon Bremsstrahlung Measurements with AGOR511
RICH Detectors and the Dilepton Spectrometer HADES521
Fluctuations in the Multiparticle Dynamics559
Cosmic Rays in TAPS590
List of Participants607

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