Garage Classics, Vol. 2: Summer Edition

Garage Classics, Vol. 2: Summer Edition


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Ministry Of Sound Uk


Disc 1

  1. Alya Napa (It's the Sound of the Summer)
  2. Dance with Me
  3. Rolex Sweep
  4. You Wot!
  5. What I Want
  6. What's It Gonna Be
  7. Hideaway
  8. Show Me Love
  9. Rock the Download
  10. Tell Me
  11. Do You Mind
  12. Mussy Mad
  13. Gonna Be Mine
  14. Tusty
  15. You
  16. Take Me In
  17. Stand Strong
  18. Baby Baby
  19. Subfrequency Test
  20. Bongo Jam

Disc 2

  1. Summer in Ibiza
  2. Watch Out
  3. Let Me Think About It
  4. Needin' U
  5. Shine
  6. All I Ever Wanted
  7. Beeper
  8. Make a Move on Me
  9. Make the World Go Round
  10. I'm Rushin
  11. Call on Me
  12. Follow Me
  13. Speed Up
  14. Take Me Away
  15. Destination Calabria
  16. What Would We Do
  17. UK Shakedown
  18. Oye Como Va
  19. Another Love
  20. There But for the Grace of God

Disc 3

  1. Let the Sunshine (Sound of the Summer)
  2. Master Blaster 2000
  3. What You Gonna Do?
  4. Sorry (I Don't Know)
  5. Summer of Love
  6. Teardrops
  7. Anytime
  8. 21 Seconds
  9. Triplets
  10. Neighbourhood
  11. Girls Like Us
  12. She's the One
  13. Enough Is Enough
  14. Let Me Be Your Fantasy
  15. Masquerade
  16. Bring Me Down
  17. The Chant (We Are)
  18. We Can Make It Happen
  19. Duppy
  20. If You Wannt Party

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Terry Ronald   Background Vocals
Richard Adlam   Drums
Sam Obernik   Vocals
Guthrie Govan   Bass,Guitar
Hal Ritson   Keyboards,Saxophone,Vocals
Therese Grankvist   Background Vocals
Neil Waters   Trumpet
Jim Sullivan Sound   Keyboards
Mina Poli   Vocals
Aaron Evers   Vocals
Davina Perera   Vocals

Technical Credits

Leon Russell   Composer
Danny Madden   Arranger,Producer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
David Morales   Producer
Phil Allen   Composer,Producer
Allen George   Composer
Terry Lewis   Composer
R. Malone   Engineer
Harvey Mason   Composer
Kenny Mason   Composer
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Josh Milan   Composer
Paul Robinson   Composer
Steve Travell   Producer
Full Intention   Producer,Remixing
K. Smith   Composer
Kyle Smith   Producer
Victor Imbres   Engineer
Zach Toms   Composer
Steve Mac   Producer
Ian Masterson   Composer,Vocal Producer
Y-Tribe   Producer
Bob Sinclar   Producer,Re-arranged
N.C.A.   Composer
Brinsley Evans   Composer,Producer
Sally Mason   Composer
Robert Uhlmann   Producer
Alex Gaudino   Producer
A. Smith   Composer
Wideboys   Programming,Producer,Remixing
Craig   Producer,Remixing
Terry Ronald   Composer,Vocal Producer
J. Sullivan   Producer,Remixing
Cutee B.   Engineer
Seamus Haji   Producer
MC Neat   Composer
Mauro Ferrucci   Instrumentation
DJ Luck   Composer,Producer
T&F   Producer
Marc Auerbach   Producer
Luke Reid   Composer,Producer
R. Craig   Producer
Omar Adimora   Composer,Producer
Kevin Hedge   Composer
Sarita Borge   Vocal Producer
Ben Cook   Programming,Executive Producer
James Winchester   Vocal Producer
Richard Adlam   Programming,Producer
Dipesh Parmar   Arranger,Executive Producer,Concept
Maurizio Nari   Producer
Jonathan Ulysses   Composer,Producer
Floyd Dyce   Composer
Paul "Sweet P" Watson   Producer
Eric Prydz   Producer
Patrick James   Arranger,Producer
Scott Simons   Producer
Andy Van   Remixing
Hal Ritson   Producer
Razak Halalat   Producer
Therese Grankvist   Composer
Raf "X"   Composer
Richard "Sticky" Forbes   Composer
Skepta   Composer
Vula Malinga   Composer
Funkerman   Composer
Alex Senna   Composer
Denzee   Composer
Oggie   Composer
Ida Corr   Composer,Producer
Paul Emanuel   Producer
Joshua "Herve" Harvey   Composer
Thomas DelGrosso   Composer,Producer
Kam Denny   Remixing
Mo Track   Producer
Dezz Jones   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Jamie Duggan   Arranger,Producer
Aaron Evers   Composer
Dan Ashcroft   Producer
Michelle McKenna   Composer
Jonas Altberg   Producer

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