Gatecrasher Experience [#1]

Gatecrasher Experience [#1]


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Disc 1

  1. All Because of You  -  State of Mind
  2. Song to the Siren  -  Johnny Barrakat & The Vestells
  3. Sending Sos  -  Basement Jaxx
  4. Meia Lua  -  Tremor
  5. Massive Control  -  Yahel
  6. Aira Force  -  Arrakis
  7. Ascension @@Goldenscan
  8. Troy (The Phoenix from the Flame)  - Sinéad O'Connor
  9. Revelation @@King Of Clubs
  10. I Don't Want Your Love @@Symphony Of Strings
  11. Symphonic @@Perwert
  12. Feeling the Sunrise  -  G&M Project
  13. Awakening  -  Rank 1
  14. Hablando  -  Ramirez
  15. Godd  - Marco V.

Disc 2

  1. The Nazarean  - John "00" Fleming
  2. Cliffhanger  - Thomas Penton
  3. Sonic Empire  -  Members of Mayday
  4. Dreamland @@Nu-Nrg
  5. Maximum Overdrive @@M.O.R.P.H.
  6. Chamber of Horror  -  Jacob & Mendez
  7. Orange 4 @@Orange
  8. Twisted  -  Svenson & Gielen
  9. Life Is Too Short  - Kai Tracid
  10. Life on Mars  - DJ Wag
  11. Bangkok  - Mauro Picotto
  12. DJs, Fans and Freaks  -  Blank & Jones
  13. Out of Control  -  Pro-tech
  14. Club Bizarre  -  Brooklyn Bounce
  15. Suburban Train  -  Tiësto

Disc 3

  1. Healing (Reprise)  -  Human Movement
  2. Blind Visions  -  Accadia
  3. Falling  - Marcella Woods
  4. By Your Side  -  Miro
  5. Strange World  -  Push
  6. Such Is Life  -  Rank 1
  7. Arms of Loren 2001  -  Evoke
  8. Everybody's a Rock Star  - Tall Paul
  9. Airwave  -  Rank 1
  10. Eternal  - Jose Amnesia

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

State of Mind   Track Performer
Ramirez   Track Performer
Basement Jaxx   Track Performer
Johnny Barrakat & The Vestells   Track Performer
Tall Paul   Track Performer
Blank & Jones   Track Performer
Brooklyn Bounce   Track Performer
Members of Mayday   Track Performer
Kai Tracid   Track Performer
Human Movement   Track Performer
Miro   Track Performer
Evoke   Track Performer
Arrakis   Track Performer
DJ Wag   Track Performer
Push   Track Performer
Jacob & Mendez   Track Performer
Marcella Woods   Vocals
Yahel   Track Performer
Rank 1   Track Performer
Claire Pearce   Vocals

Technical Credits

WestBam   Producer
Hemstock   Producer
Chris Jennings   Producer
Barry Leng   Producer
MacDonald   Producer
Mitchell   Producer
Sinéad O'Connor   Producer
John Sutton   Producer
Johan Gielen   Producer
Steve Gibbs   Producer
Larry Lush   Producer,Remixing
Gez Dewar   Producer
Klaus Jankuhn   Producer
Alexis Schaar   Producer
Sunday Club   Producer,Remixing
Arp   Producer
Solar Stone   Producer,Remixing
Mauro Picotto   Producer
Jaspa Jones   Producer
Harry Lemon   Producer,Remixing
Sven Maes   Producer
Piet Blank   Producer
John "00" Fleming   Producer
Uwe Wagenknecht   Producer
Jose Amnesia   Producer
Marcella Woods   Producer
Thottrup   Producer
Cheeky Paul   Engineer
Donald   Producer,Remixing
N. Hale   Producer
Cosmic Gate   Producer,Remixing
Hardy Heller   Producer,Remixing
Andy Kaufhold   Producer
Lisa Jackson   Licensing
Marco Verkuylen   Producer
Yahel Sherman   Producer
Piet Bervoets   Composer,Producer
Benno de Goeij   Composer,Producer
Barry Jamieson   Producer
Benjamin Kuyten   Producer
Beat Freakz   Producer
M.I.K.E.   Producer,Remixing
Tom Parkinson   Licensing
Markus Welt   Producer
Marc Mitchell   Producer,Remixing
Rich Mowatt   Producer
Maarten Wilmaers   Producer
Robert Gitelman   Producer
Duncan Hannant   Producer
Andy Bury   Producer
Thomas Penton   Producer
Bert Wilmaers   Producer,Remixing
Jaron Martinez   Producer
Simon London   Producer
Martijn Cornelissen   Producer
Marcel Kaper   Producer
Paul Mendez   Producer
Alex M.O.R.P.H.   Composer,Producer
Michael Woods   Producer

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