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Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods Series #7)

Gates of Paradise (Blue Bloods Series #7)

4.5 73
by Melissa de la Cruz

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Schuyler Van Alen is running out of time. The Dark Prince of Hell is storming the Gates of Paradise, intent on winning the heavenly throne for good. Will Bliss and the wolves she has recruited to join her win the battle for the vampires? Is Schuyler prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? Love and vengeance, duty and and loyalty, life and death, are all at odds in


Schuyler Van Alen is running out of time. The Dark Prince of Hell is storming the Gates of Paradise, intent on winning the heavenly throne for good. Will Bliss and the wolves she has recruited to join her win the battle for the vampires? Is Schuyler prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? Love and vengeance, duty and and loyalty, life and death, are all at odds in the gripping, heartbreaking finale of the Blue Bloods series.

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Harper (the Just Grace novels) demonstrates that less is indeed more in this quirky buddy-comedy sketch, first in the Bean Dog and Nugget series. Minimalist, two-color cartoons in orange and gray appear within rectangular panels, and Harper portrays her two protagonists as inflated stick figures Bean Dog has a tall oval shape, tiny Nugget is round with facial expressions that drive the story s humor. The dialogue, delivered in speech balloons, is similarly streamlined and snappy, and at times laugh-out-loud funny. Bean Dog is enamored of his new ball, but he isn t very good at sharing or playing nice. After he nails Nugget in the head with it ( Think fast, Nugget! Catch! ), he gets upset when it bounces into the bushes ( That was a bad catch ). They throw their shoes into the bush in hopes of knocking the ball out, but it takes a transformation into makeshift superheroes (after a particularly funny extended riff on the line, Are you thinking what I m thinking? ) to retrieve it. Bean Dog and Nugget squabble over sweet treats in The Cookie, due simultaneously. Ages 5 C8. Agent: Amy Rennert, Amy Rennert Agency. (May)—PW

The series that started back in 2004 concludes. Lucifer is on the march, Jack and Mimi (vampires AND angels!) seem to be part of his minions, Bliss is joining forces with the werewolves, and heroine Schuyler, as usual, is trying to figure out what s going on. The last title in the seven-book Blue Bloods series (along with two companion volumes) is disjointed in structure and banal in its writing, and in terms of biblical legend, it makes little sense. Fans who have traversed countries and time zones with the gang over the years get the conclusion of a big battle, but it is so unimaginatively written, it might have been a description of a tennis match. Then all is wrapped up with a poorly explained miracle at the end. Though fans will be pleased all the loose ends are neatly tied, whether they ll think the ending offered has been worth waiting for is a question. Those looking for another incarnation of Blue Bloods will not be disappointed. Apparently, more are in the works. Ilene Cooper—Booklist Online

3Q 5P J S de la Cruz ends her popular Blue Bloods series with this seventh novel that features many of the strengths and weaknesses of its immediate predecessors. Set soon after Lost in Time (Hyperion, 2011/VOYA 2011), the novel finds the characters struggling to stop Lucifer from fighting his way into Heaven. Schuyler and Oliver, after spending time with Kingsley in London, find her father's family in the United States, while Mimi and Jack are sent by Lucifer out of the underworld, each with a terrible task. Bliss, still with Lawson and the others in her wolf pack, has also returned from the underworld to find that a year has passed. Chapters alternate between the three female leads and the historical incarnations of Gabrielle, all of whom, because of the plot-centered narrative, are now virtually indistinguishable and not particularly interesting as characters. In the end, Schuyler has to sacrifice Jack's life in order to vanquish Lucifer; to give up love (not to mention someone else's life) for the greater good is what she must do to undo the sin of her father (who chose love), although it does work out for her in the end. Oddly, the author ignores any of the possible ramifications of a world that no longer includes the Devil in favor of a happy ending. Still, all of the lovers are reunited, Oliver finds his own true love in a slightly icky, almost Breaking Dawn-esque twist, and fans of the series will likely not be disappointed.-Vikki C. Terrile.—VOYA

Children's Literature - Kasey Giard
Through her mother's shared memories, half-angel, half-human Schuyler knows her destiny is to serve as the guardian of the Gate of Paradise, to protect it from Lucifer and the armies of Hell. What she does not know is Lucifer has already set a plot in motion to overrun the gate and take back Paradise, and to succeed, he has employed his most cunning weapons: the twins, Jack and Mimi. Though the twins had returned to Hell as covert agents of Heaven, Jack and Mimi soon discover that fooling the Prince of Darkness is not as simple as they'd believed. When Lucifer tasks the twins with killing their lovers, Jack and Mimi's tight bond begins to fragment. Only a powerful weapon can stop Lucifer from destroying the gate and taking what should never be his. The final chapter in the Blue Bloods series, Gates of Paradise brings a large cast of characters to the stage, many of whom have more than one name, depending on where they are (heaven, earth or hell) and who addresses them. Readers may find this confusing. The story world, which will be well known to readers of the series, may further mystify readers joining the tale in this last novel. Angels on earth become vampires, who possibly thirst for human blood. While these references and name changes don't directly impede the reader's enjoyment of the plot, it does sometimes become difficult to keep track of who is who. A character glossary would have helped tremendously. Still, it cannot be overlooked that De La Cruz weaves an intense story of passion and sacrifice, and spins together past and present in the high-energy conclusion of her best-selling series. Reviewer: Kasey Giard

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Disney Press
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Blue Bloods Series , #7
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14 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Melissa de la Cruz (www.melissa-delacruz.com) is the author of many best-selling novels, including all the books in the Blue Bloods series: Blue Bloods, Masquerade, Revelations, The Van Alen Legacy, Keys to the Repository, Misguided Angel, Bloody Valentine, and Lost in Time. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and daughter, and is hard at work on a new series.

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Gates of Paradise (A Blue Bloods Novel) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 70 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Doesnt even begin to describe how truly great this book is. I've been waiting so long and it didnt dissappoint. The ending, although rushed, was worth it. Thank you for the amazing story I've loved to follow throughout the years. This will always be a favorite. The growth is amazing.
NoxSkyMist More than 1 year ago
I just can’t put it into words. This is probably the best installment of the series. I can’t even explain how amazing these books are. This was the perfect ending to the perfect series, and I could not be more thrilled with it. I was kept on my toes through each chapter. It does not disappoint. Melissa de la Cruz seemed to know what her fans would want, and she hasn’t lost her ability to throw in her iconic twists that you just can’t believe. I was given the scare of my life near the very end! But I love how everything turned out for not just some, but all of the characters—Schuyler, Mimi, Bliss, and also Oliver!
booksonmynook More than 1 year ago
great book with a great story line and great ending. I loved all characters and was sorry to see it end.
hyugahinata247 More than 1 year ago
Words can't describe the way I feel about this book. But i felt that it was the perfect ending to such a great series. I'm sad that the series has ended after this book but it ended perfectly. Blue bloods has always been my #1 favorite book series since I read Blue Bloods for book club. To see a book series end always brings tears to my eyes especially this one.
Owlmanafanatic16 More than 1 year ago
One of the best series I have ever read. Truly beautiful and mezmerizing. I have been reading the blue bloods series since two years ago and I was really looking forward for Gates of Paradise. On the release date, I went to my local book store and there was only one left. I did not care if anyone else wanted it, I took it the second I saw it. I have not read it yet but I am really looking forward to reading Gates of Paradise. Schuyler is my favorite character of the whole series. And I was enthralled with the romance between Schuyler and Jack. They both deserve each other. The sad thing is that the Blue Bloods series is over. Sad face. But I heard Melissa de la Cruz may be making a new Blue Bloods series. Which is so exciting!!!!!!! I will forever adore this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have adored the Blue Bloods series from the very beginning and I am pleased to say that the conclusion did the series justice. I read the whole thing in under 5 hours. It was fantastic. Each part of the book is like a puzzle piece, and they all come together at the end. Some may call it fast-paced, but I thought it was perfect. Sadly, I haven't read the Wolf Pact novellas since they're ebooks, so I was a little lost about the wolves. But it didn't detract from the conclusion. I loved how everything was ended so cleanly. There's not any guesswork of "what happened to that character?!" And I loved what Melissa de la Cruz did with Oliver. He was one of my favorite characters and I'm happy that he got a happy ending. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the best book uve ever read. I cried when...well ill just leave that up to future readers :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is soo awesome!
Diane_3298 More than 1 year ago
I Really love this book! It was a fantastic ending but too soon i hope there's still more to come but i doubt that. i loved it so many emotions!
calileo More than 1 year ago
Oh, how this series is truly one of my beloved stories. Its sad to see the blue bloods series end! I was not disappointed on how this ended. I was almost choked on my food on the second to last chapter. I truly praise these serious, I've started with them when I was a young tween and now finished it as a young adult..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
a real page turner
Sarah_Sue More than 1 year ago
I work in a library and have encurraged many teens to read this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It starts out a bit slow, but hang in there. The action starts up mid way. The book is awesome!!!!
mars1378 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book hated to see the series end. Love always out lasts everything if you are willing to sacrafice it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was an amazing way to end the series. Although I am sad that this series I have been following since middle school is over, it ended perfectly even though I did shed a few tears here and there while reading it. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful characters and story. The Blue Bloods series will be one that I will continue to re-read over and over again in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a wonderful Series - this finale was by far the best. Melissa de la Cruz made my heart ache for these characters that I have come to love. I cried and laughed with this one. It truly was the perfect ending to the series - can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MyndiL More than 1 year ago
This book had my heart racing SO much! What an action packed adventure that kept me guessing the whole way through. I definitely want to read the Wolf spin off series now as well. I have to admit to being devastated through parts of this book, but to the reader who hasn't read it yet...keep going because in the end you will be pleased with how all the loose ends tie up. It might not have been what I was expecting, but it was GREAT! I'm so glad I picked up this series.
Tween_2_Teen_Book_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Whoa, I read this one so long ago, that I barely remember reading it. I read this during my spring break at the beginning of April, and while a satisfying conclusion to the Blue Bloods series, it wasn't anything spectacular. Not the best nor the worst of what I've read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago