Gauss: Titan of Science

Gauss: Titan of Science

by Waldo Dunnington, Fritz-Egbert Dohse

Classic biography of Gauss, updated with new introduction, bibliography and new material.See more details below


Classic biography of Gauss, updated with new introduction, bibliography and new material.

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Mathematical Association of America
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Spectrum Series
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5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.50(d)

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1. Introduction: family background; 2. The enchanted boyhood; 3. Student days; 4. The young man; 5. Astronomy and matrimony; 6. Further activity; 7. Back to Göttingen; 8. Labour and sorrow; 9. The young professor: a decade of discovery, 1812–1822; 10. Geodesy and bereavement: the transitional decade, 1822–1832; 11. Alliance with Weber: strenuous years; 12. The electromagnetic telegraph; 13. Magnetism: physics dominant; 14. Surface theory, crystallography, and optics; 15. Germination: non-Euclidean geometry; 16. Trials and triumphs: experiencing conflict; 17. Milestones on the highways and byways; 18. Senex mirabilis; 19. Monarch of mathematics in Europe; 20. The doyen of German science, 1832–1855; 21. Gathering up the threads: a broad horizon; 22. Religio Scientiae: a profession of belief from the philosopher and lover of truth; 23. Sunset and eventide: renunciation; 24. Epilogue: 1. Apotheosis: orations of Ewald and Sartorious; 2. Valhalla: posthumous recognition and honours; Appendices; Index.

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