Gay Happening Presents: Mega House Party, Vol. 4

Gay Happening Presents: Mega House Party, Vol. 4


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Disc 1

  1. Bop Bop  -  Miami Inc.
  2. Acid Was My First Love  -  Disco Cell
  3. Shattered Dreams  -  Discotronix
  4. Vamos a La Playa  -  Loona
  5. Like a Prayer  - Oscar Salguero
  6. Ma Baker  -  Glamrock Brothers
  7. Dance Hall Track  - Tom Mountain
  8. Upside Down  -  DDII
  9. To the Top  - Steve Modana
  10. It's Over Now  -  Nyssina
  11. Do You Wanna Funk 2k11  -  Simmons
  12. Utopia  -  Savon
  13. Say You Will  -  Jaybee
  14. Make Your Move  - Manuel Baccano
  15. Summerwave 2010  - Andy Jay Powell
  16. Dynamite  - Other Ego

Disc 2

  1. Fuck U In the Ass  -  Hysterie
  2. Slave To Te Music 2010  -  Twenty 4 Seven
  3. Nervous Breakdown 2010  - Shrink Reloaded
  4. Hey Baby, Hey Crazy  -  Sonic Revolution
  5. We Just Criticize  -  G&G
  6. Joli Garcon  -  Lolita
  7. My Feeling  -  Yenson
  8. Release Me  - Michael "Money-G" Bein
  9. My Heart Goes Boom  -  Cabella
  10. Why Don't We Just Fuck  - Greg Parys
  11. Don't Let Go  -  Narany
  12. Power of Love  -  Beverlee
  13. Changes  - René De La Moné
  14. Reaching Up High  - Jorge Martin S.
  15. Hasta La Vista  -  Alicia
  16. Call Me  -  Sabrina

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Lou Gramm   Composer
Bernard Edwards   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Madonna   Composer
Clark Datchler   Composer
Frank Farian   Composer
Patrick Leonard   Composer
Sam Lorber   Composer
Andy Jay Powell   Composer
James Harris   Composer
Lookers   Composer
Louis Element   Composer
Charly Massive   Composer
Paulo de Oliveira   Composer
Alexander Perls   Composer
R. Fiolet   Composer
Johnny Williams   Composer
Stephan Endemann   Composer
Fred Jay   Composer
Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald   Composer
Bonnie McKee   Composer
Franswa   Composer
Angela Heldmann   Composer
Taio Cruz   Composer
Tom Mountain   Composer
Lars "Gollum" Böge   Composer
Alex Belcher   Composer
Shaun Bate   Composer
Kent Base   Composer
M.S. Applegate   Composer
David Kolodziej   Composer
C. De Rouge   Composer
Martin Karl Sandberg   Composer
Benjamin Levin   Composer
Ruud Van Rijen   Composer
G. Mende   Composer
Nicco Maniatty   Composer
Alex Vision   Composer
George Reyman   Composer
Engin Kilic   Composer
André Ahuis   Composer
Jonny Nevs   Composer
Viviane Wyss   Composer
Danny Suko   Composer
Fiolet   Composer
Lamar Hula Mahone   Composer
Karsten Dreyer   Composer
Barbara Alcindor   Composer
Torsten Dreyer   Composer
Michel Schuhmacher   Composer
H.J. Lookers   Composer
Deborah Harry   Composer
Naam Kaniel   Composer
Moris Marchionna   Composer
Nathalie Quisbert Tineo   Composer
Michael "Money-G" Bein   Composer
Anita Kolovrat Duzel   Composer
Nyssina Linda Swerissen   Composer
Mik Gramm   Composer
Mick Colgems   Composer
Lou Jones   Composer
Stacey S. Seedorf   Composer
David Eugene Innis   Composer
Craig "Malik" Simpkins   Composer
Tomasz Biernacki   Composer
Lukasz Kaluza   Composer
Terry Lewis   Composer

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