Gay Happening, Vol. 19

Gay Happening, Vol. 19


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Dance Street


  1. Let The Music Play  -  Evelyn
  2. Ella Elle L A  -  DJ Oliver
  3. Activate My Body  -  Jania
  4. More And More  -  Captain Hollywood
  5. Suavemente  -  Cuba Club
  6. No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)  -  Amber
  7. I'm Every Woman  - Chynna Blue
  8. Gonna Make You Sweat  -  Pronto
  9. Rock Me Gently  - James Reay
  10. The Great Commandment  - Stevie T.
  11. Still In Love  -  Bad Boys Blue
  12. Boys 2008  -  Sabrina
  13. Show Me Love 2008  - Ibiza Ltd.
  14. Ice Ice Baby 2008  - Big Daddi
  15. Sexy Guy  -  Cumfiesta
  16. Close To You  - Tina Bride
  17. Everlasting Love  - Stephanie O'Hara
  18. Say Adieu  - Ernest Kohl
  19. [CD-Rom Track]

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

David Bowie   Composer
Paul Jabara   Composer
Mac Gayden   Composer
Bruce Roberts   Composer
Roger Taylor   Composer
Andy Kim   Composer
Buzz Cason   Composer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Michel Berger   Composer
James Cason   Composer
Robert Clivillés   Composer
Valerie Simpson   Composer
Steve Skinner   Composer
Heiko Maile   Composer
Marcus Meyn   Composer
Ernest Kohl   Composer
Oliver Kreyssig   Composer
Frederick P. Williams   Composer
Mercury   Composer
Bram Poelmans   Composer
Doug Perry   Composer
Deacon   Composer
Pete Martin & the Versatile Keys   Arranger
Derek Perry   Composer
James Hurr   Arranger
Jesper Zar   Composer
Derek Perry   Composer
T. Harrison-Dawson   Composer
R. Rossi   Composer
Poelmans   Composer
Michael Berger   Composer
Mae   Composer
M. Charlton   Composer
M. Bonsanto   Composer
L.L. Johann Perrier   Composer
Katzman   Composer
John McInerney   Composer
Firrincieli   Composer
Ed Siae   Composer
Claes   Composer
Antoine Blanc   Composer
Quinn Coleman   Composer
Frederick Williams   Composer
Elvis   Composer
Edward Chisolm   Composer
Daryl Carpenter   Composer
Christopher Maynar Barbosa   Composer
Brown   Composer
A. George   Composer
C. Cecchetto   Composer
Crespo   Composer
N   Composer
Van Winkle   Composer
Johnson   Composer
F. McFarlane   Composer

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