Gay's the Word

Gay's the Word


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  1. Act 1. Ruritania
  2. Act 1. Everything Reminds Me Of You
  3. Act 1. Guards On Parade
  4. Act 1. It's Bound To Be Right On The Night
  5. Act 1. Father Thames
  6. Act 1. Finder, Please Return
  7. Act 1. An Englishman In Love
  8. Act 1. If Only He'd Looked My Way
  9. Act 1. Vitality!
  10. Act 2. Teaching
  11. Act 2. Vitality (Reprise)
  12. Act 2. Sweet Thames
  13. Act 2. Gaiety Glad
  14. Act 2. If Only He'd Looked My Way
  15. Act 2. A Matter Of Minutes
  16. Act 2. A Matter Of Minutes (Encore)
  17. Act 2. On Such A Night As This
  18. Act 2. Bees Are Buzzin'
  19. Act 2. Bees Are Buzzin' (Encore)
  20. Act 2. Finale

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paul Slack   Vocals
Doreen Hermitage   Vocals
Elizabeth Seal   Vocals
Myra Sands   Vocals
James Irving   Vocals
Valerie Cutko   Vocals
Gay's the Word Cast Ensemble   Choir, Chorus
Anna Mitchell   Vocals
Ben Stock   Conductor
Eileen Page   Vocals
Helena Blackman   Vocals
Sophie-Louise Dann   Vocals
Amy Hamlen   Vocals
Sophie Simms   Vocals
Sebastian Smith   Vocals
Lindsey Nicholls   Vocals
Josh Little   Vocals
Jonny Purchase   Vocals
James Bentham   Vocals
Gay's the Word Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Frank Barrie   Vocals
Daniel Cane   Vocals

Technical Credits

John Yap   Producer,Executive Producer
Ivor Novello   Composer,Book
Dave Moore   Engineer
Alan Melville   Lyricist
Stewart Nicholls   Stage Direction
Ben Stock   Arranger,Music Direction
Richard Sirling   Adaptation

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