Gender and Class in Modern Europe / Edition 1

Gender and Class in Modern Europe / Edition 1

by Laura L. Frader

ISBN-10: 0801481465

ISBN-13: 9780801481468

Pub. Date: 07/28/1996

Publisher: Cornell University Press

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Cornell University Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Gender and the Reconstruction of European Working-Class History1
1Gender and Uneven Working-Class Formation in the Irish Linen Industry37
2What Price a Weaver's Dignity? Gender Inequality and the Survival of Home-Based Production in Industrial France57
3The Gendering of Skill as Historical Process: The Case of French Knitters in Industrial Troyes, 1880-193977
4Consumption, Production, and Gender: The Sewing Machine in Nineteenth-Century France111
5Engendering Work and Wages: The French Labor Movement and the Family Wage142
6Women "of a Very Low Type": Crossing Racial Boundaries in Imperial Britain165
7Protective Labor Legislation in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Gender, Class, and the Liberal State193
8Social Policy, Body Politics: Recasting the Social Question in Germany, 1875-1900211
9Republican Ideology, Gender, and Class: France, 1860s-1914238
10Manhood, Womanhood, and the Politics of Class in Britain, 1790-1845263
11Rational and Respectable Men: Gender, the Working Class, and Citizenship in Britain, 1850-1867280
12Class and Gender at Loggerheads in the Early Soviet State: Who Should Organize the Female Proletariat and How?294
13The Heroic Man and the Ever-Changing Woman: Gender and Politics in European Communism, 1917-1950311

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