Gender and Prisons / Edition 2

Gender and Prisons / Edition 2

by Dana M. Britton

ISBN-10: 0754625133

ISBN-13: 9780754625131

Pub. Date: 11/01/2005

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
Publication date:
The International Library of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Penology Series
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6.70(w) x 9.60(h) x 1.80(d)

Table of Contents

1Penitence for the privileged : manhood, race, and penitentiaries in early America3
2Race, gender, and prison history : from the convict lease system to the supermax prison17
3"One female prisoner is of more trouble than twenty males" : women convicts in Illinois prisons, 1835-189629
4Wretched, hatless and miserably clad : women and the inebriate reformatories from 1900-191353
5Following the rules? : women's responses to incarceration, New Zealand, 1880-192081
6Situating sex : prison sexual culture in the mid-twentieth-century United States99
7A brief history of doing time : the California Institution for Women in the 1960s and the 1990s117
8Prisons that empower : neo-liberal governance in Canadian women's prisons157
9Homeboys, babies, men in suits : the state and the reproduction of male dominance179
10Embodied surveillance and the gendering of punishment199
11Gender theory and prison sociology : using theories of masculinities to interpret the sociology of prisons for men235
12Gender and prison organisation : some comments on masculinities and prison management245
13Gender organizational logic : policy and practice in men's and women's prisons263
14Women doing a man's job : female prison officers working in a male prison287
15A man's world : gender issues in working with male sex offenders in prison307
16Cat fights and gang fights : preference for work in a male-dominated organization325
17Doing her own time? : women's responses to prison in the context of the old and the new penology347
18Tougher than the rest? : men in prison385
19Re/constructing black masculinity in prison405
20Resistance and compliance in women's prisons : towards a critique of legitimacy423
21Reassessing resistance : race, gender and sexuality in prison439
22In the tube at San Quentin : the "secondary prisonization" of women visiting inmates455

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