Gender, Interaction, and Inequality / Edition 1

Gender, Interaction, and Inequality / Edition 1

by Cecilia L. Ridgeway

ISBN-10: 0387975780

ISBN-13: 9780387975788

Pub. Date: 11/15/1991

Publisher: Springer New York

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Springer New York
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Table of Contents

1 Gender, Power, and Social Exchange.- 2 Gender, Formal Authority, and Leadership.- 3 The Look of Power: Gender Differences and Similarities in Visual Dominance Behavior.- 4 Touch Asymmetry Between the Sexes.- 5 Sex Differences in Interaction Style in Task Groups.- 6 Gender and Conversational Dynamics.- 7 Are Gender Differences Status Differences?.- 8 Gender and Double Standards for Competence.- 9 Gender, Interaction, and Inequality in Organizations.- Author Index.

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