Genetic Disorders

Genetic Disorders

by Katherine Swarts

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ISBN-10: 0737742127

ISBN-13: 9780737742121

Pub. Date: 04/10/2009

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing

Those Who Do Not Know Their Opponent's Arguments Do Not Completely Understand Their Own.


Those Who Do Not Know Their Opponent's Arguments Do Not Completely Understand Their Own.

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Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date:
Opposing Viewpoints Series
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6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)
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15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints? 11

Introduction 14

Chapter 1 How Serious a Problem Do Genetic Disorders Present?

Chapter Preface 19

1 Genetic Birth Defects Are More Common than Formerly Thought Lee Bowman 21

2 Nonprofit Organizations Can Have a Positive Impact on Genetic Disorders Richard H. Carmona 26

3 Siblings of Children with Genetic Disorders May Develop Behavioral Problems Penelope Ross Monica Cuskelly 33

4 Families May Find Hope Through Children with Genetic Disorders John C. McGinley Tom Groneberg 39

Periodical Bibliography 43

Chapter 2 Is Society Accepting of People with Genetic Disorders?

Chapter Preface 45

1 Society Is Becoming More Accepting of Individuals with Genetic Disorders Susan Brink 47

2 The U.S. Military Practices Genetic Discrimination Karen Kaplan 55

3 Society Should Not Be Asked to Sacrifice for Those with Genetic Disorders Fred E. Foldvary 64

4 People with Genetic Disorders Can Become Productive Members of Society Westchester County Business Journal 68

5 Children with Disorders Need Special Education Mark Richert 73

6 Children with Disorders Can Be Integrated into Mainstream School Districts Joetta Sack-Min 80

Periodical Bibliography 89

Chapter 3 What Should Be Done to Address Genetic Disorders?

Chapter Preface 91

1 Newborn Screening for Developmental Disabilities Can Be Beneficial Bruce K. Lin Alan R. Fleischman 93

2 Prenatal Testing for Adult-Onset Conditions Is Not Beneficial Bonnie Steinbock 98

3 Aborting a Fetus with a Genetic Disorder Is a Personal Decision Amy Harmon 107

4 It Is Not Acceptable to Abort Fetuses Showing Down Syndrome Patricia E. Bauer 115

5 Prenatal Testing for Genetic Disorders DehumanizesAll Who Have Disorders Ramesh Ponnuru 120

6 Prenatal Testing for Genetic Disorders Should Not Be Equated with Eugenics Ruth Schwartz Cowan 131

Periodical Bibliography 139

Chapter 4 What Is the Medical Future of Genetic Disorders?

Chapter Preface 141

1 Prenatal Gene Manipulation Has Many Advantages Ronald M. Green 143

2 Genetic Advancements May Not Meet Expectations Jim Manzi 150

3 Gene Therapy Could Eradicate Genetic Disorders Ramez Naam 159

4 Science Surrounding Genetic Testing for Psychiatric Disorders Is Still Evolving Harvard Mental Health Letter 165

5 Stem Cell Research Is Vital to Finding Cures for Genetic Disorders John Greenwald Jayne Mackta 170

6 Embryonic Stem Cell Research Poses Ethical Considerations William Sutherland 175

Periodical Bibliography 182

For Further Discussion 183

Organizations to Contact 187

Bibliography of Books 194

Index 198

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