Geological Investigations in Northern Victoria Land / Edition 1

Geological Investigations in Northern Victoria Land / Edition 1

by Edmund Stump

Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 46See more details below


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Antarctic Research Series, Volume 46

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Antarctic Research Series, #46

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Table of Contents

The Antarctic Research Series: Statement of Objectives
Board of Associate Editors xi

Preface xiii

Geology of the Daniels Range, North Victoria Land, Antarctica
R. S. Babcock, C. C. Plummer, J. W. Sheraton, and C. J. Adams  1

Age and Ancestry of Metamorphic Rocks of the Daniels Range, Usarp Mountains, Antarctica
C. J. Adams 25

Geology of the Bowers Supergroup, Central Bowers Mountains, Northern Victoria Land
Antoni Wodzicki and Ray Robert, Jr. 39

Paleomagnetic Results From the Cambro-Ordovician Bowers Supergroup, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Kurt Schmierer and Russ Burmester 69

Structural Geology of the Robertson Bay and Millen Terranes, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
R. H. Findlay 91

Granitoids of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: A Reconnaissance Study of Field Relations, Petrography, and Geochemistry
S. G. Borg, E. Stump, and J. R. Holloway 115

Petrography and Geochemistry of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks From the Emlen Peaks and Robertson Bay-Everett Range Area, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Cheryl L. Klobcar and John R. Holloway 189

Age of the Black Prince Volcanics in the Central Admiralty Mountains and Possibly Related Hypabyssal Rocks in the Millen Range, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
C. J. Adams, P. F. Whitla, R. H. Findlay, and B. F. Field 2O3

Stratigraphy and Petrology of Permian and Triassic Fluvial Deposits in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
James W. Collinson, Deana Chapman Pennington, and Noel R. Kemp 211

Takrouna Formation Fossils of Northern Victoria Land
William R. Hammer 243

Jurassic Tholeiites in the Region of the Upper Rennick Glacier, North Victoria Land
D. H. Elliot, M. A. Siders, and M. A. Haban 249

The Exposure Hill Formation, Mesa Range
D. H. Elliot, M. A. Haban, and M. A. Siders 267

Potassium-Argon Age Determinations of the Kirkpatrick Basalt, Mesa Range
D. H. Elliot and K. A. Foland  279

Paleomagnetic Results From the Kirkpatrick Basalt Group, Mesa Range, North Victoria Land, Antarctica
William C. Mcintosh, Philip R. Kyle, and John F. Sutter  289

Mineral Chemistry of Late Cenozoic McMurdo Volcanic Group Rocks From The Pleiades, Northern Victoria Land
Philip R. Kyle  305

Late Cenozoic History of Rennick Glacier and Talos Dome, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
G. H. Denton, J. G. Bockheim, S.C. Wilson, and C. Schlichter  339

Provenance of Feldspar in Till From the Morozumi Range, Northern Victoria Land
Gunter Faure  377

Evaluation of the Uranium Resource Potential of Northern Victoria Land
Edward J. Zeller, Gisela A.M. Dreschhoff, and Wolf-Ridiger Kropp  383

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