Geology: The Study of Rocks

Geology: The Study of Rocks

by Susan Heinrichs Gray

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Children's Literature - Susan Treadway M.Ed.
Readers take a virtual journey around the globe and to outer space while traveling across a substantial timeline to explore multiple locations with several experts as guides. Books in the "True Book" series utilize bold photographs that accompany descriptive text covering science, history, and exploration. Snippets about remarkable geologic aspects are nicely highlighted by a prominent gold arrow and playful font. Lively colors provide an enhanced study about classic data, fascinating sidelights, newer discoveries, and additional mysteries for engaging a wide range of learners. Geological details are presented in an appropriate manner for youngsters just as vocabulary is explained within context. Find the Truth! offers a true or false question about the subject while The Big Truth! portion focuses a bit more on one extraordinary aspect. Even though presented as an introduction about numerous changing rock and mineral patterns, students have a meaningful guided tour of significant cycles exhibited by three basic stages: igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. They either occur rather quickly (volcanoes and earthquakes) or over millions of years (glaciers, erosion and plate tectonics); independently or in combinations; and are created by diverse elements. Helpful sections in each work include true statistics, resources, important words, index, and about the author. It is worthy to note that several additional books, organizations, web sites, and key American sites are listed to promote further study. Part of the "True Book" series, which all follow the same format while featuring a variety of scientists and their fascinating careers. Reviewer: Susan Treadway, M.Ed.

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Scholastic True Book Series
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