Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: For Engineering And Manufactoring Technology / Edition 1

Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: For Engineering And Manufactoring Technology / Edition 1

by Cecil Jensen, Jensen

ISBN-10: 0827350333

ISBN-13: 9780827350335

Pub. Date: 08/28/1992

Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning

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Delmar Cengage Learning
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Drafting Series
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8.40(w) x 10.79(h) x 0.49(d)

Table of Contents

Sect. IInterpretation of Fits, Limits, and Tolerances
Unit 1Introduction to Modern Tolerancing A-1, A-2M1
Unit 2Interpretation of Drawings and Dimensions A-3, A-4M14
Unit 3Coordinate Tolerancing A-5, A-6M24
Unit 4Inch Fits A-732
Unit 5Metric Fits A-8M, A-9M38
Sect. IIPrecise Interpretation of Limits and Tolerances
Unit 6Geometric Tolerancing A-10, A-11M46
Unit 7Straightness of a Feature of Size A-12, A-13M62
Unit 8Flatness A-14, A-15M78
Unit 9Datums and the Three-Plane Concept A-16, A-17M, A-18, A-19M84
Unit 10Datum Targets A-20, A-21M100
Unit 11Orientation Tolerancing of Flat Surfaces A-22, A-23M110
Unit 12Datum Features Subject to Size Variations A-24, A-25M118
Unit 13Orientation Tolerancing for Features of Size A-26, A-27M130
Unit 14Basic Gaging Principles for Orientation Tolerances A-28, A-29M148
Sect. IIITolerancing for Location of Features
Unit 15Location of Single Holes Using Coordinate Tolerancing A-30 A-31M162
Unit 16Positional Tolerancing A-32, A-33M174
Unit 17Selection of Datum Features for Positional Tolerancing A-34, A-35M190
Unit 18Bidirectional Positional Tolerancing A-36, A-37M202
Unit 19Positional Tolerancing for Noncylindrical Features A-38, A-39M210
Unit 20Positional Tolerancing for Symmetrical Features A-40, A-41M222
Unit 21Positional Tolerancing for Multiple Pattern Features A-42, A-43M232
Unit 22Composite Positional Tolerancing A-44, A-45M240
Unit 23Formulas for Positional Tolerancing A-46, A-47M252
Unit 24Projected Tolerance Zone A-48, A-49M262
Sect. IVCircularity, Cylindricity, Profile, and Runout Tolerances
Unit 25Circularity (Roundness) Tolerance A-50, A-51M270
Unit 26Cylindricity Tolerances A-52, A-53M280
Unit 27Profile-of-a-Line Tolerance A-54, A-55M288
Unit 28Profile-of-a-Surface Tolerance A-56, A-57M300
Unit 29Coplanarity, Concentricity and Coaxiality Tolerancing A-58, A-59M310
Unit 30Runout Tolerances A-60, A-61M322
Unit 31Summary of Rules for Geometric Tolerancing A-62, A-63M, A-64, A-65M, A-66, A-67M336
Appendix: Tables352

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