Geometry and Spatial Sense / Edition 1

Geometry and Spatial Sense / Edition 1

by John Del Grande, Douglas H. Clements, Lorna J. Morrow, Jeane Joyner

ISBN-10: 0873533178

ISBN-13: 9780873533171

Pub. Date: 01/28/1993

Publisher: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Product Details

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Publication date:
Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics Addenda Ser.
Edition description:
New Edition

Table of Contents

Matching Geometric Figures6
Properties of Plane Figures7
Identifying Solids by Touch8
Copying Geoboard Figures9
Making Congruent Figures9
Making Twins10
2First Grade11
Sorting Plane and Solid Figures11
Problem Solving with Geoboards12
Building Towers14
Drawing from Memory15
3Second Grade17
Making Plane and Solid Figures We Know17
Illustrating Slides, Flips, and Turns18
Using a Mirror20
Covering a Region22
4Third Grade25
Properties of Solids25
Solids and Nets27
A Perception Game29
Drawing Geometric Figures Using Logo29
5Fourth Grade32
Exploring Right Angles32
Figure Assembly35
Figures and Their Shadows36
Logo and Symmetric Figures38
6Fifth Grade40
Tiling with Plane Figures40
Similar Figures42
Logo and Similar Figures44
Drawing and Building Solids Made of Cubes45
7Sixth Grade49
Sorting Quadrilaterals49
Diagonal Properties of Quadrilaterals50
Logo and the Properties of Regular Figures52
Space Perception-Problem Solving55

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