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George & Ira Gershwin: Strike Up the Band

George & Ira Gershwin: Strike Up the Band

by John Mauceri

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  1. Overture  - George Gershwin
  2. Fletcher's American Cheese Choral Society  - George Gershwin
  3. 17 and 21  - George Gershwin
  4. Typical Self-Made American  - George Gershwin
  5. Meadow Serenade  - George Gershwin
  6. Unofficial Spokesman  - George Gershwin
  7. Patriotic Rally  - George Gershwin
  8. The Man I Love  - George Gershwin
  9. Yankee Doodle Rhythm  - George Gershwin
  10. 17 and 21 (Reprise)  - George Gershwin
  11. Finaletto Act 1  - George Gershwin
  12. Strike up the Band  - George Gershwin
  13. Oh, This Is Such a Lovely War  - George Gershwin
  14. Hoping That Someday You'd Care  - George Gershwin
  15. Come-Look-At-The-War Choral Society  - George Gershwin
  16. Military Dancing Drill  - George Gershwin
  17. How About a Man?  - George Gershwin
  18. Finaletto Act II  - George Gershwin

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Mauceri   Primary Artist,Conductor
Martin Agee   Violin
Mark Agnes   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin Bailey   Bass (Vocal)
Mary Lou Barber   Alto (Vocal)
Kelli Barclay   Vocals
David Barron   Bass (Vocal)
John Beal   Bass
Blair   Vocals
Don Bradford   Bass (Vocal)
David Branyard   Tuba
John Campo   Woodwind
Colleen Clausing   Soprano (Vocal)
Laura Conwesser   Woodwind
Paul Cortese   Viola
Danielle DeCrette   Vocals
Jack Doyle   Tenor (Vocal)
Peter Ecklund   Trumpet
Douglas Edelman   Trombone
John Frosk   Trumpet
David Gale   Trumpet
Jack Gale   Trombone
Crystal Garner   Viola
Joanna Glushak   Soprano (Vocal)
Trisha Gorman   Vocals
Joe Gustern   Bass (Vocal)
Benjamin Herman   Percussion
Joe Istre   Vocals
Stephen Johns   Tuba
Susan Jolles   Harp
Jimmy Kichler   Vocals
Scott Kuney   Banjo
Ann Leathers   Violin
Stephen Lehew   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin Ligon   Tenor (Vocal)
Lois Martin   Viola
Sharon Moe   French Horn
John Moses   Clarinet
Joyce Nolen   Alto (Vocal)
Ralph Olsen   Woodwind
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin,Concert Master
Roxann Parker   Soprano (Vocal)
Seymour Red Press   Alto Saxophone
Beth Ravin   Percussion
John Redsecker   Drums
Albert Regni   Woodwind
Clay Ruede   Cello
Marilyn Reynolds   Violin
Arusko Sato   Bassoon
Scott   Woodwind
Ron Sell   French Horn
Sally Shumway   Viola
Mitchell Stern   Violin
Deborah Kara Unger   Soprano (Vocal)
Wendy-Jo Vaughn   Alto (Vocal)
Shelley Wald   Alto (Vocal)
Scott Willis   Vocals
Mineko Yajima   Violin
Frederick Zlotkin   Calliope
John Taylor   Euphonium
John ?   Percussion
Scott   Vocals

Technical Credits

William David Brohn   Arranger
Eric Rachel   Engineer
Paul Trueblood   Contributor
Russell Warner   Arranger

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