George Washington Carver: Scientist and Inventor

George Washington Carver: Scientist and Inventor

by Barbara Kramer

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The "African-American Biographies" series covers famous as well as lesser-known accomplished African Americans from childhood to death in an interesting, easily read format. Plenty of pictures, well-cited references, and clear chronologies make these titles important for classroom assignments. Each title begins with an exciting scene from the life of the subject to draw in readers. Inventor George Washington Carver might be known for his work with the peanut, but readers will be surprised to learn how his talent as an illustrator helped in his work with plants and agriculture. His drive for education is chronicled through several states and many years, clearly showing Carver's highly accomplished life in the context of the fewer opportunities afforded African Americans in the days he lived. Again, the pictures help bring out the interesting tidbits that readers love, such as the facts that Carver crocheted and that he received hundreds of letters weekly. This forty-seven title series provides interesting information in a reader-friendly format. Other offerings are books on union leader A. Philip Randolph, the late tennis player Arthur Ashe, Colin Powell, and actor Denzel Washington. The books are highly recommended for middle grade and junior high school and public library collections. VOYA CODES: 4Q 3P M J (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Will appeal with pushing; Middle School, defined as grades 6 to 8; Junior High, defined as grades 7 to 9). 2002, Enslow, 128p.; Index. Illus. Photos. Source Notes. Further Reading. Chronology., PLB. Ages 11 to 15.
—Amy Alessio

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African-American Biographies Series
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