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ea. vol: 116p. photogs. reprods. bibliog. chron. index. (World Leaders Past & Present Series). CIP. Chelsea House. 1987. PLB $16.95. Gr 7 Up It's difficult to get excited about still more biographies of this heavily documented trio. Yet these books are so readable, visually appealing, and thoughtfully organized that librarians would be well-advised to make room for them on already well-stocked shelves. They are an ideal resource for the uninspired student who spurns lengthy, often formidable traditional biographies. The authors pack ample information about the subjects' lives into lively, easily understood texts. They trace the evolution of their leadership qualities with clarity while also depicting the frustrations and difficult decisions inherent in the leaders' role. The subjects are portrayed as intensely human, with the flaws and foibles which some biographers omit. Snippets of Washington's lovesick adolescent poetry and Wilson's turgid courtship letters to Edith Galt will enable readers to perceive an additional dimension in these men who are traditionally depicted as being reserved. Sensitive issues, such as Roosevelt's difficulty with her role as mother and FDR's extramarital involvements, are dealt with matter-of-factly. Profuse illustrations, including many action scenes, convey a sense of both personal history and the world events influencing the leaders' role. Provocative margin quotes by the subjects, their contemporaries, and their biographers amplify the text. Merilyn Burrington, Vergennes Union High School, Vt.

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World Leaders Past and Present Series
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7.06(w) x 9.23(h) x 0.35(d)
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10 Years

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