Geostatistics for Natural Resources Characterization: Part 2

Geostatistics for Natural Resources Characterization: Part 2

by G. Verly, M. David, A. G. Journel, A. Marechal

ISBN-10: 9027717478

ISBN-13: 9789027717474

Pub. Date: 12/28/1987

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Nato Science Series C:, #122

Table of Contents

Applications in the Petroleum Industry and Automatics Contouring.- Three-Dimensional Modelling of a Geothermal Field.- Contouring Very Large Datasets Using Kriging.- Dual Kriging - Its Properties and its Uses in Direct Contouring.- Fluid-Flow Modeling Using a Conditional Simulation of Porosity and Permeability.- Problems in Using Geostatistics for Petroleum Applications.- Automatic Contouring in Presence of Discontinuities.- Smoothing Discontinuities when “Extrapolating” Using Moving Neighbourhood.- Dual Formalism of Kriging.- Geotechnical Applications.- Geostatistical Applications in Geotechnics.- Geostatistics, Reliability and Risk Assessment in Geotechnical Engineering.- Estimation of Earthquake Response Spectra Using Kriging.- Selection of a Minimum Fracturation Density Area by Geostatistics in Crystalline Rock.- Bayesian Kriging in Geotechnical Problems.- Applications in Hydrogeology and Geochemical Exploration.- Role of Geostatistics in Subsurface Hydrology.- Autocorrelation Structure of Stream-Sediment Geochemical Data: Interpretation of Zinc and Lead Anomalies, Nahanni River Area, Yukon-Northwest Territories, Canada.- Interpretation of Interference Tests in a Well Field Using Geostatistical Techniques to Fit the Permeability Distribution in a Reservoir Model.- Applications in Pollution Control and Soil Sciences.- Risk-Qualified Maps for a Long Term Sparse Network - Mapping the Usgs New York Acid Precipitation Data.- Application of Geostatistics in Solving Environmental Emission Control Problems.- A Geostatistical Approach to Air Pollution Modelling.- Geostatistics Applied to Toxic Waste…A Case Study.- Elucidation and Characterization of Spatial Variation in Soil Using Regionalized Variable Theory.- Case Studies in Ore Reserves Estimation.- Trends in Geostatistics in the Mining Industry.- Geostatistical Appraisal of a Tabular Uranium Deposit in South Africa.- Looking for a Kriging Plan in a Stockwerk Deposit.- Geological Controls of Semi-Variograms in Precious Metal Deposits.- Simulation.- Recent and Future Developments of “Downstream” Geostatistics.- Simulation of a Multi-Seam Brown-Coal Deposit.- Simulation of a Nickel Deposit: Problems Encountered and Practical Solutions.- Conditional Simulation of Inter Related Beds in an Oil Deposit.- Parameterization of the Reserves of an Open-Pit: A Complete Case Study.- Indicator Simulation: Application to the Simulation of a High Grade Uranium Mineralization.- Technical Parametrization of Uranium Reserves to be Mined by Open-Pit Method.

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