Geriatric Nursing: Growth of a Specialty / Edition 1

Geriatric Nursing: Growth of a Specialty / Edition 1

by Priscilla Ebersole

ISBN-10: 0826126499

ISBN-13: 9780826126498

Pub. Date: 02/01/2006

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Table of Contents




  1. History and Development of Geriatric Nursing
  2. Background and Significance

    The Beginning Specialty of Geriatric Nursing

    Origin of Geriatrics and Gerontology

    Influence of Medicine

    Influence of Social, Economic, and Political Eras

    1800-1930: Poorhouses, Almshouses, and the Call for Reform

    1930-1960: From Almshouse to Nursing Home

    1960-1985: Medicare, Nursing Homes, and the Birth of Modern Gerontological Nursing

    1985 to Present: Geriatric Nursing Comes of Age

  3. Geriatric Nurse Pioneers and Their Contributions
  4. Nurses at War

    Mary Opal Womanin

    Doris Schwartz

    Irene Burnside

    Bernita (Bea) Steffl

    Laurie Martin Gunter

    Barbara Helen Allen Davis

    Mary Starke Harper

    Virginia Stone

    Dorothy Virginia Moses

    The Nursing Home Pioneers

    Ileta Blanche McFadden Shields

    Eldonna Shields-Kyle

    Ella Kick

    Sister Marilyn Schwab


  5. Nurses in Action: The Second Generation
  6. The Second Generation

    Priscilla Ebersole

    Faye Glenn Abdellah

    Dolores Marsh Alford

    Sister Rose Therese Bahr

    Beverly Baldwin

    H. Terri Brower

    Rita Chow: A Tailor's Daughter

    Lois Evans

    Terry Fulmer

    May Futrell

    Jeanie Kayser-Jones

    Mary Lund

    Mathy Mezey

    Neville Strumpf

    Ann Whall

    Thelma Wells

    May Wykle


  7. Geriatric Nurse Leaders Today
  8. Cornelia Beck

    Kathleen (Kitty) Buckwalter

    Virginia Burggraf

    Kathleen Fletcher

    Marquis (Mark) Foreman
    Susan Crocker Houde

    Ann Schmidt Luggen

    Diane Feeney Mahoney

    Marianne Laporte Matzo

    Graham McDougall

    Karen Devereaux Melillo

    Robin Remsburg

    Barbara Resnick

    Elizabeth Capezuti


  9. Recognition of Geriatric Care as a Specialty Practice
  10. Components of the Geriatric Nursing Specialty

    Endowed Chairs: The Florence Cellar
    Gerontological Nursing Chair


    Standards of Practice in Geriatric Nursing




  11. Geriatric Nursing Organizations and Affiliates
  12. The National Gerontological Nursing Association

    National Gerontological Nurses Association Leaders

    National Conference of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners

    National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long-Term Care

    Leaders of the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration/Long-Term Care

    Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association

    Leaders of the Canadian Gerontological Association

    Gerontological Society of America

    American Society on Aging

    The American Geriatrics Society

    The American Nurses Association

    The American Association of Colleges of Nursing


  13. Educational Programs and Publications for Geriatric and Gerontological Nurses
  14. Education



  15. Nursing Research and Geriatric Care
  16. Veterans Association Medical Centers

    National Institute for Nursing Research

    The National Institute on Aging

    Research Contributions of National Significance by Geriatric Nurses

    Private Nonprofit Foundations

    Current Research in Geriatric Nursing

    Research Needed


  17. Elements of Attracting Nurses to the Field
  18. Mentorship

    The Importance of Faculty

    A Field of Dreams


  19. Nursing and the Future Care of the Aged: Possibilities and Opportunities
  20. Older Americans' Well-Being

    Health and Wellness

    Online Education

    Emerging Geriatric Nursing Roles

    Celebrating Progress

    Futuristic Thoughts


    Websites of Interest to Geriatric Nurses



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