The Germ Detectives

The Germ Detectives

by Jim Ollhoff

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Children's Literature - Nicole Peterson Davis
Years ago people thought that evil spirits caused disease. Although it seems ridiculous to us now, there were many discoveries that took place and changed our opinions through the years. This book gives an interesting short history of germs. The history starts with the ancient theories dating back to 460 BC and describes the changes and attitudes up to the time Alexander Fleming discovered penicillium (the fungus that produces the antibiotic penicillin) in 1928. The thirty-two page book is interesting and enlightening. The descriptions of the various events are accompanied by pictures of the scientist, invention, drawings, or other things that pertain to the time period. This concise book is informative and attention grabbing. Young scientists can come to a basic understanding of the history of germs and how knowledge progressed through the years. The book also contains a glossary and an index. This book would be helpful in biology classrooms, school libraries, or public libraries. Reviewer: Nicole Peterson Davis

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History of Germs Series
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10 - 14 Years

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