Gerotechnology: Research and Practice in Technology and Aging / Edition 1

Gerotechnology: Research and Practice in Technology and Aging / Edition 1

by David C. Burdick

ISBN-10: 0826125166

ISBN-13: 9780826125163

Pub. Date: 01/01/2004

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

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Springer Publishing Company
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

    Table and Figures
    About the Authors
    Foreword: Timeless Technology for All Ages, S. Kwon and D.C. Burdick
    Preface, N. Charness
    Section A: Basic Aspects of Gerotechnology
  1. Technology in Everyday Life for Older Adults, W.A. Rogers, C.B. Mayhorn, and A.D. Fisk
  2. Perceptual Aspects of Gerotechnology, C.T. Scialfa, G. Ho, and J. Laberge
  3. Designing Technology Based on Cognitive Aging Principles, C.B. Mayhorn, W.A. Rogers, and A.D. Fisk
  4. Aging and Technology--Social Science Approaches, H. Mollenkopf

  5. Section B: Computers, Older Adults and Caregivers
  6. Why Older Adults Use or Do Not Use the Internet, R.W. Morrell, C.B. Mayhorn, and K.V. Echt
  7. Increasing Access to Reliable Information on the World Wide Web: Educational Tools for Web Designers, Older Adults, and Caregivers, A.E. Benbow
  8. Computer-Mediated Communication and Its Use in Support Groups for Family Caregivers, K.A. Smyth & S. Kwon

  9. Section C: Assistive Technology in the Home and Environment
  10. Assistive Technology as Tools for Everyday Living and Community Participation While Aging, J. Hammel
  11. Monitoring Household Occupant Behaviors to Enhance Safety and Well-Being, D.M. Kutzik and A.P. Glascock
  12. Home, Safe Home: Household and Safety Assistive Technology, M.H. Parker, D. Sabata
  13. Technologies to Facilitate Health and Independent Living in Elderly Populations, B.Q. Tran

  14. Section D: Models, Prototypes, and Specific Applications of Gerotechnology
  15. Technology and the Culture of Change: Application of Aviation Human Factors Research to Health Care Systems, K.V. Ujimoto
  16. Driving Simulation and Older Adults, G.W. Rebok and P. Keyl
  17. The Dr. Tong Louie Living Laboratory: A Unique Facility for the Research and Development of Assistive Technology, J. Watzke
  18. New Participative Tools in Product Development for Seniors, H.L. Dienel, A. Peine, and H. Cameron

  19. Section E: Cautions, Integration and Synthesis
  20. Ethical Realities: The Old, the New, and the Virtual, G. Lesnoff-Caravaglia

  21. Epilogue: Applications to Aging Are Helping Human Factors and Ergono, J.L. Fozard
    About the Authors

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