Gerotranscendence: A Developmental Theory of Positive Aging / Edition 1

Gerotranscendence: A Developmental Theory of Positive Aging / Edition 1

by Lars Tornstam

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Meet the Author

Lars Tornstam, PhD, is a pioneer of Swedish social gerontology, who wrote the first Swedish doctoral thesis within the field of gerontological sociology back in 1973. At Uppsala University he launched the first Swedish academic courses in gerontology and did the same in Denmark during a five year stay as adjunct professor of social gerontology at the University of Copenhagen. He has also been one of the leaders of a Swedish nation-wide, cross faculty, research program Elderly in society - Past, present and in the future, where he himself focused his research on empirical studies of what today is labeled ageism.

Dr. Tornstam is now holding the first Swedish chair in social gerontology at Uppsala University, where he is the leader of The Social Gerontology Group. The wide range of research activities of this group are described in detail at the award winning web site:

Table of Contents

The Need for New Theories in Social Gerontology
The Root of the Misery Perspective
Myths Within Gerontology
The “Retirement Trauma”
The Scientific Paradigm of Gerontology
The Absolute Order of Things
The Function of Myths Within Science
Bursting the Borders
Origin of the Theory and First Outline
The Paradigmatic Context of the Disengagement Theory and Its Counter Theories
Experimental Thinking with an Alternative Meta-Theoretical Paradigm
Obstructions in the Process Towards Gerotranscendence
The Qualitative Content of Gerotranscendence
Gerotranscendence and Its Opposite
The Cosmic Dimension of Gerotranscendence
The Self Dimension of Gerotranscendence
The Social and Personal Relationships Dimension of Gerotranscendence
Obstacles and Shortcuts on the Path to Gerotranscendence
The Signs of Gerotranscendence
A Development Beyond Both Disengagement and Ego Integrity
Quantitative Empirical Elucidations
Gerotranscendence Development in Retrospect
Gerotranscendence in a Cross Sectional Perspective
Focusing the 65+
Life Crises and Gerotranscendence
The Functions of Reminiscence on Gerotranscendence
Gerotranscendence in Practice
Nursing Staff’s Interpretations of Gerotranscendence Related Behavior
The Impact of the Theory on Nursing Staff
Practical Guide Lines for Staff Members
Introducing Guidelines in a Nursing Home Environment
Conclusive Summary
Appendix: Suggested Exercises for Personal Development

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