Gershon Kingsley: Voice from the Shadow; Jazz Psalms; etc.

Gershon Kingsley: Voice from the Shadow; Jazz Psalms; etc.

by Gershon Kingsley

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  1. Ver zenen mir?  - Gershon Kingsley
  2. Eyner aleyn  - Gershon Kingsley
  3. Come to Me  - Gershon Kingsley
  4. Bombardiers  - Gershon Kingsley
  5. My number is 434  - Gershon Kingsley
  6. Ich möchte gerne...  - Gershon Kingsley
  7. Three Vignettes for Children: 1. Kindermärchen  - Gershon Kingsley
  8. Three Vignettes for Children: 1. Theresienstädter Kinderreim  - Gershon Kingsley
  9. Three Vignettes for Children: 1. Ein Brot  - Gershon Kingsley
  10. The Butterfly  - Gershon Kingsley
  11. Shlof mayn kind  - Gershon Kingsley
  12. Jeu d'enfant  - Gershon Kingsley
  13. Na swojska nute  - Gershon Kingsley
  14. Di eybike trep  - Gershon Kingsley
  15. Segen der Nacht  - Gershon Kingsley
  16. Shpalt zikh Himl!  - Gershon Kingsley
  17. Máj 1945  - Gershon Kingsley
  18. Finale (Ver zenen mir-reprise)  - Gershon Kingsley
  19. Hashkivenu  - Gershon Kingsley
  20. Yism'hu  - Gershon Kingsley
  21. Bar'khu  - Gershon Kingsley
  22. Sh'ma yisra'el  - Gershon Kingsley
  23. Mi khamokha  - Gershon Kingsley
  24. V'sham'ru  - Gershon Kingsley
  25. May the Words of my Mouth  - Gershon Kingsley
  26. S'u sh'arim  - Gershon Kingsley
  27. L'kha dodi  - Gershon Kingsley
  28. Hashkivenu  - Gershon Kingsley
  29. Silent Devotion and Yih'yu I'ratzon  - Gershon Kingsley
  30. Vay'khullu  - Gershon Kingsley
  31. Kiddush  - Gershon Kingsley

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gershon Kingsley   Primary Artist,Synthesizer,Conductor
John Beal   Bass
Harvey Estrin   Flute
Chrissy Faith   Vocals
Gordon Gottlieb   Percussion
Gary Green   Vocals
Jeff Lyons   Vocals
Michael Mark   Vocals
Arlene Martell   Vocals
Helene Miles   Vocals
Pat Rebillot   Piano
Lenny Roberts   Vocals
Paul Rolnick   Vocals
Terry Textor   Vocals
Mary Sue Berry   Vocals
Liuh-Wen Ting   Viola
Dan Gottlieb   Percussion
Harry Goz   Narrator,Soloist
Howard Stahl   Cantor
Mark Rehnstrom   Vocals
Jane Barnett   Vocals
Robin Zeh   Violin
Lisa Vroman   Vocals,Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Jorge Avila   Violin
Derek Bermel   Clarinet

Technical Credits

Gershon Kingsley   Composer,Author,translation,Text Translation
Tom Lazarus   Engineer
David Frost   Producer
Michael Isaacson   Producer
Fritz Löhner-Beda   Text
Neil W. Levin   Liner Notes
Lowell Milken   Liner Notes
Eliyahu Mishulovin   translation,Text Translation
Daniel J. Surak   Cover Design
Louis Bloom   Text Translation

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