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Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders

Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders

by Frank Buck

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ISBN-10: 159667072X

ISBN-13: 9781596670723

Pub. Date: 12/04/2007

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

This book provides tools and technqiues to bring order and control to your personal and professional life. This book is very practical and easy to implement. You will be able to put this material into practice immediately.


This book provides tools and technqiues to bring order and control to your personal and professional life. This book is very practical and easy to implement. You will be able to put this material into practice immediately.

Product Details

Taylor & Francis
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

About the Author v

Preface xi

1 Time Management and Organization: Challenges for School Leaders 1

Who Is a School Leader? 1

The Universal Time Crunch 2

Organization, Time Management, and the Art of Leadership 2

How This Book Can Help 2

2 Clear Your Desk 5

Setting Up a Tickler File 6

Tickler Files in Action 6

Other Examples 7

Morning Ritual 8

Forgetting Is a Good Thing 9

Three Little Boxes 10

In 10

Pending 11

Out 11

Next Steps 12

3 Your Signature Tool: Organizing With Paper 13

Paper or Digital? 14

Five Functions and Five Guiding Principles 14

Choosing a Signature Tool 16

The Calendar 16

An Organized Task List 17

Make the Next Step Crystal Clear 17

Group Items That Go Together 18

Plan Weekly 19

Work Ahead of Deadlines 20

Delegation 21

Documentation Made Simple 21

Monthly Index 26

Future Tasks 29

Next Steps 29

4 Your Signature Tool: Organizing Digitally 31

A Day in the Life 32

Paper or Digital: Three Recommendations for Making the Choice 36

Experiment With a Handheld Device 37

Experiment With the Desktop Software 37

Examine How Much Information Arrives Digitally 37

The Calendar 38

Other Calendar Views 40

Purging and Printing 41

An Organized Task List 42

Group Similar Items by Using Due Dates 42

Make Tasks Disappear and Reappear Using Start Dates 44

Delegation 44

Documentation Made Simple 45

Keeping Digital Information Digital With Microsoft Outlook 45

Drag and Drop E-mails to Make Them Appointments 45

Drag and Drop E-mails to Make Them Tasks 47

A Complete Contacts List 48

A Wealth of Reference Material 49

The Mother Ship and the Satellite 50

Next Steps 51

5 Think ItThrough Once: Handling Repeating Tasks 53

Education is a Cyclic Business 53

Setting Up a Repeating Task System 54

Repeating Tasks on Index Cards 55

Repeating Task List 56

Repeating Tasks in Microsoft Outlook 57

Keeping Your Sanity with Repeating Tasks 58

Expanding the Repeating Task List Throughout the School 59

Next Steps 60

6 Handling Multiple Projects 61

What Makes Projects Different? 62

Define the Goal 63

Break the Project Into Small Steps 64

Feed Projects Into the Task List 66

Paper Signature Tool 66

Digital Signature Tool 66

Keep Related Notes With the Project 68

Paper Signature Tool 68

Digital Signature Tool 68

Stick With a Project as Long as You Can 69

Put a Bookmark in the Project 70

Handle Supporting Material 70

Link the Tickler Files to the Task List 71

It's Morning at the Office 74

Building a Reputation for Staying on Top of Things 75

Next Steps 75

7 Reference Material: Short Term and Long Term 77

A to Z Files 77

File It the Way You Find It 79

Long-Term Reference Files 80

After the Dance: What to Do When a Project is Complete 80

Next Steps 81

8 Organizing Your Computer 83

Setting Up a Digital Filing System 83

The Desktop 85

My Documents 85

Creating, Naming, and Renaming a Folder 86

Saving Documents Logically 87

Memos & Letters 88

Monthly Ticklers 89

Fingertip Files 90

Current Projects 90

Backing Up Your Files 91

Next Steps 95

9 E-Mail and Other Electronic Timesavers 97

E-Mail: Time Management Tool or Time Sink? 97

Decision, Decisions: Getting from In to Empty 98

Delete It 98

Do It 98

Forward It 99

Save It 99

In Becomes Empty 100

Delegating by E-Mail 100

Sent Items: Your Permanent Record 100

Minimizing Spam 101

Be Part of the Solution by Not Being Part of the Problem 101

Run for Your Life! It's a Hoax! 101

Gaining Newspaper Coverage 103

Other E-Mail Tricks 103

Using Administrative Software to the Fullest 104

Search the Internet 106

The School Leader's Blog 107

Next Steps 108

10 Focused or Fragmented? 109

Work From an Organized List 110

Quiet Hour 110

You Teach Other People How to Treat You 111

How Much Can You Do Well? 112

Who Can Help? The Art of Delegation 112

What Really Does Not Need to Be Done? 113

Next Steps 113

11 Conclusion: Time is Your Friend 115

Appendix 117

Configuring Microsoft Outlook 117

Getting Acquainted With Microsoft Outlook 117

The Microsoft Outlook Calendar 119

All-Day Event 121

The TaskPad 121

Entering Sample Tasks 123

Headers in the TaskPad 123

Keyboard Shortcuts 124

Searching the TaskPad 125

Navigating the TaskPad 126

Maintaining Your Data 127

Backup You pst File 127

Scanpst.exe 128

AutoArchive 129

Conclusion 130

References 131

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