Getting In (Sorority Girls Series #1)

Getting In (Sorority Girls Series #1)

by Anne Hunter Lowell

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ea. vol: (Sorority Girls Series). Fawcett. $2.50. The snootiest sorority in an expensive suburb has money troubles and Dangerous Secrets when $112.54 disappears from the car wash proceeds. Poor treasurer Liz is blamed and almost railroaded out of office, but the truth pops up in time to save her, and she learns to trust her own instincts, and also finds true love. The plot makes sense, even if Liz is rescued a bit magically, the characters behave logically, and the winter setting is genuinely frosty. Not too badly written and quite passable overall. Wealthy Susie Madden is the president of her sorority. Nancy, Susie's younger sister, wants to pledge but Getting In is a problem. She behaves so outrageously that Susie's archenemy Paula seizes the opportunity for revenge and blackballs Nancy. The book is unusually perceptive in covering the limits and terrors of a lofty social position, and there's suspense and a minor but realistic romantic subplot. The minor characters are one-dimensional, and there's a touch of didacticism about creating your own identity, but readers will empathize with Susie's plight.

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Random House Publishing Group
Publication date:
Sorority Girls Series, #1
Age Range:
12 - 17 Years

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