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Getting Skinny

Getting Skinny

4.5 2
by Monique Domovitch

Owning a restaurant is as crazy for Nicky Landry as an alcoholic owning a bar. But despite having to cram herself into a body shaper to look decent in a dress, life is pretty good. She's throwing the party of the year for her graduating doctor boyfriend, Rob, who she's sure is going to propose—until his new girlfriend shows up at the party.



Owning a restaurant is as crazy for Nicky Landry as an alcoholic owning a bar. But despite having to cram herself into a body shaper to look decent in a dress, life is pretty good. She's throwing the party of the year for her graduating doctor boyfriend, Rob, who she's sure is going to propose—until his new girlfriend shows up at the party.

After ordering Rob to get his stuff out of her house and get lost, Nicky finds him faceup with her expensive Chroma knife sticking right out of his cheating heart.

As the prime suspect, Nicky is in hot water. And no matter how hard she tries to clear her name, her problems only mount. She's convinced she can solve the murder—if only she can figure out the identity of the skinny person seen walking away with Rob after the party.

Getting "Skinny" won't be easy for Nicky, but she never imagined it would be life or death…

81,000 words

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Carina Press
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A Chef Landry Mystery
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Call it intuition. Call it a sixth sense. Whatever. Somehow I just knew. The thing is, when a man gets ready to pop the question, he does a series of little things that give a pretty good idea of what he's up to. The right woman—the clued-in woman, as my friend Toni would have said—picked up on them. Rob would propose tonight. I just knew it. And that was why I had to look amazing.

I looked at my nemesis, the scale, next to the bathroom vanity. I'd ignored it for weeks now, but it beckoned. Come, Nicky. Come see how much you weigh. I knew I wouldn't like it but I couldn't help myself. I had to find out. Even surrounded by non-weight-conscious men in chef school, I'd never quite relinquished the dream of being thin. I wanted to have a nice figure. To fit into a size eight. To look sexy for the man I loved. Was that so much to ask?

I peeled off my bra and panties, removed my watch and small stud earrings, then stepped on the scale. I held my breath as the dial spun. Back and forth it went half a dozen times, so fast the numbers were a blur. Finally it settled on...

"Argh!" Impossible. I refused to believe it. I had gained another ten pounds. Good grief. How'd that happen? I'd been so careful.

Oh, all right. I hadn't been that careful. Only in my dreams did I stick to my diet.

But this was it. I was going to start counting calories. This time I really meant it. No more cheating. From now on I'd be good. I'd treat food preparation like wine tasting: taste and spit. Maybe a tiny morsel here and there to really check the seasoning.

Ten pounds more. How could that be? Maybe the scale was wrong. I crept back on and this time shifted my weight onto my toes. Occasionally this maneuver shaved off a couple of pounds. But this time the number on the dial climbed another few digits. Shit.

The problem was that I was a chef and, working in a kitchen, I had about as much chance of losing weight as an alcoholic bar owner had of staying on the wagon. With my self-control, my chances of winning the lottery were greater. Ten pounds. Well, that settled it. I was no longer voluptuous. I couldn't call myself curvaceous or even queen-size anymore. There was one word for what I was and that was fat.

Jackie Chan, my Yorkshire terrier, came bouncing in. She skidded to a stop two feet from me and barked.

"Are you laughing at me? If you bark my weight to anyone, that'll be the end of Jackie Chan," I told her.

She tilted her head while she thought it over, then spun around three times and scooted out. Smart girl. She knew when to stay out of my way.

I picked up the dress I'd purchased four weeks ago. This dress was a miracle of engineering. In the store dressing room, I'd looked taller than my five-feet-four inches and pounds lighter than my...never mind. Why remind myself? And the color—cilantro green—was perfect with my strawberry blond hair.

Barely one month later, here I was, unable to pull up the damn zipper. This was a disaster. Rob's party was in a few hours. And tonight, I just knew, would be the most important night of my life.

Meet the Author

Monique Domovitch and her husband divide their time between their farm on the west coast, their home in Toronto and the Florida Keys. She started writing later in life, after retiring from her television career, “proving that one is never too late to follow one’s dreams.” When she is not writing or traveling, she is an avid redecorator. Monique is working on her ninth and tenth books, both murder mysteries.

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Getting Skinny 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for an entertaining cozy murder mystery, then Getting Skinny is the book for you! In the first book of A Chef Landry Mystery series, author Monique Domovitch weaves an intriguing tale written in the first person narrative that follows the trials and tribulations of Nicky Landry, when her world is turned upside down with the murder of her cheating boyfriend, Dr. Rob Grant, and she becomes the main murder suspect. When the police don't bother to look for other suspects, it's up to Nicky and best friend/business partner Toni to investigate the case on their own. Getting Skinny is an entertaining and fast-paced mystery that will keep the reader guessing the true identity of the killer with a long list of suspects and clever clues sprinkled throughout the book. And even when the reader discovers the identity of the killer midway through the story, figuring out the motive for the murder takes over, and keeps the reader turning the pages until the reason is finally revealed. And if that isn't enough to whet your appetite, this book has some yummy recipes included that will make your mouth water! The cast of characters is a quirky group that will keep the reader in stitches. You can't help but love Nicky, she is a charming and witty girl, but she has low self-esteem due to her weight issue. Best friend and business partner Toni is a supportive friend,who has a larger than life personality. Then there is Mitch, Nicky's weirdo new neighbor, who watches her every movement from his living room window. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Nicky's adorable Yorkie pup, Jackie Chan, you can't help but fall in love with this dog and it's crazy antics. If you want a quick fun read on a lazy summer day, pick up a copy of Getting Skinny, it's a satisfying cozy mystery that won't leave you disappointed! Getting Skinny is the first book in A Chef Landry Mystery series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If anyone wants to talk then respond to this message by putting in ur title to cece-layne thanks I got my iphone taken away... so yeah and this is a great book