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Ghost Flyers

Ghost Flyers

by Tom Townsend

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Gr 6-8-Townsend's adventure is inspired by the Ghost Flyers that appeared-and subsequently vanished- in the southwestern U.S. during 1896- 97, and by a cryptic manuscript that describes a secret society that ``built marvelous flying machines.'' From this background is woven a story focusing on 13-year-old Harlin Fiveash, an East Texas railroad worker who is offered employment aboard a ``Ghostie'' named Aurora. Tosh, the owner, explains that the craft is levitated by a mysterious fuel called NB. Conflict comes when another airship shows up in need of NB. The scoundrels who man the Condor kidnap Tosh's teenage niece. In a flurry of aerial cavortings, the Aurora crew rescues Jennifer and causes the Condor to crash. It is decided that NB or no NB, the world is not yet ready for flying ships, so Tosh sets Aurora on automatic pilot and sends her away. Reminiscent of the aircraft described in Edgar Rice Burrough's A Princess of Mars (Ballantine, 1985) and Jules Verne's Clipper of the Clouds, Ghost Flyers should appeal to sci-fi readers.-George Gleason, Department of English, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield

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