Giant Dinosaurs: The Sauropods

Giant Dinosaurs: The Sauropods

by World Book, Inc Staff

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Gr 4�6Each volume examines about 40 dinosaurs from similar classifications. An introduction describes the order or suborder and provides general background on the "Age of Dinosaurs." Profiles of specific genera follow, with most spreads featuring brief profiles of two or three dinosaurs on one page, paired with a more detailed "Up Close" full-page look at a single genus. The appealing layout includes full-color illustrations neatly arranged on the page. The brevity and inconsistency of the text limit usefulness for research, however. Creatures' height, length, and weight are only occasionally provided, which can be especially confusing since the drawings are not scaled. Side-by-side illustrations of Vulcanodon and Patagosaurus are comparably sized, for example, but the latter was actually three times longer. Pronunciation of each name is given, though the meaning is usually not and the time period is often skipped. The language is generally clear, with care taken to distinguish between known facts and speculation. "Fact-o-saur" and "Fun Fact" insets are sprinkled throughout each book, usually providing data not covered in the profiles.Spreads featuring "Dino-Bites" look closer at topics relative to the classification, such as "Why Did Birds Survive?" in Birdlike Dinosaurs! With coverage of more than 160 types of animals, many of which are not included in other sets, this one should appeal to browsers looking for a little information about many different creatures, despite some limited depth and minor flaws.—Steven Engelfried, Wilsonville Public Library, OR

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