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Gift of Freewill

Gift of Freewill

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by Dr. Sherri Wilcox

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Humanity has fallen into a canyon far away from God, and many of us don't know why we are here or what we are supposed to be doing. It's important to recognize that in order to find happiness, man must learn how to avoid being an instrument of his own destruction. He must control his desires, thoughts, ego, and selfishness. He must also learn how to embrace others. In


Humanity has fallen into a canyon far away from God, and many of us don't know why we are here or what we are supposed to be doing. It's important to recognize that in order to find happiness, man must learn how to avoid being an instrument of his own destruction. He must control his desires, thoughts, ego, and selfishness. He must also learn how to embrace others. In this guidebook, you'll find the answers to important and fundamental questions that everyone asks, including: What do you do when you feel stagnant but really want to progress? Is there anything you should be doing more of or should know? How do you know if you are on the right track? How do you pull yourself out of a downward spiral? How do you know if you have the free will, and how do you harness it? Equip yourself with the tools to break free from a stagnant lifestyle and start accomplishing your goals.While temptations abound, it's possible to muster up the willpower to make the right decisions, find the tree of knowledge and eat of its fruit in this lifetime. It begins with Gift of Freewill®.

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Gift of Freewill

By Sherri Wilcox

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Dr. Sherri Wilcox
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-6188-1

Chapter One

Asking the Questions that Man asks Himself

You are probably wondering what I mean by the phrase, "Gift of Freewill®". In the beginning, GOD created the spirits of being in order to know and experience all aspects of His being. All of the spirit beings emanated from GOD and were eternally linked to GOD and GOD to them. In order for GOD to experience all aspects of love, GOD gave these spirit beings the "Gift of Freewill®" ... for love cannot be experienced unless it is given freely from one being to another. Without the "Gift of Freewill®", the spirit beings would be but slaves to GOD, and emotions emitted from slave to master due to servitude are neither true nor pure emotions. And GOD wanted to experience the trueness and purity of love.

Then came the fall of the angels, some of those spirit beings used their "freewill" to move away from GOD and not towards GOD. They used their GOD granted "Gift of Freewill®" to love themselves and each other but not GOD. The further those spirit beings fell away from GOD, the more physical their beings became until a time came when they forgot about their connection with GOD. And they became imprisoned within their physical beings. Yes, at one time we were all those spirit beings who were loved by GOD and who loved GOD. But we used our "Gift of Freewill®" to distance ourselves from GOD in pursuit of the fulfillment of our own desires and creative expressions.

Now, we are here upon this place trapped within these physical bodies, yet with a distant recollection of what we used to be and what we used to have ... the love of GOD and the connection to all that GOD is. We had that knowledge even when we as spirit beings were first encased within these physical bodies ... but as angels we fell ... and as man we fell further ... further away from GOD and the knowledge of our connection and our godly knowingness of all things.

So "freewill" or "will" is the essence of man. "Will" is the movement of the spirit. "Will" is the direction man chooses to place his being. "Will" is the intention and the focus. "Will" is the connecting link between man and the divine. "Will" is the power within man that he uses to direct his force ... his force of being.

What are you supposed to be doing? What you are supposed to be doing is what you believe you are supposed to be doing. It is what you hold in your heart as something that will benefit you ... benefit you beyond just the materialistic plane. Something that you know will help you ... will help you while you help others.

Why are we really here? You are here, because you have "willed" it to be so. You have "willed" yourself to be in existence, each of us with our own accord, our own purpose, and our own experience to be had and to be gained.

All things that you go through in this life are but a test that you have set for yourself ... the test of persistence ... the test of consistence ... the test of overcoming ... the test of commitment. These are things that you have "willed" for yourself to experience, to learn, to handle, and to overcome. When you find yourself worrying about your immediate needs or your uncertain future, then the test goes on ... the test of being able to handle it, to overcome it, and to focus yourself on the commitment of what you truly wish to "will" into being.

Why do we die then? Death is a transition from this world to the next. As you "will" yourself to be here, you "will" yourself to leave. All else is but an illusion. It's like walking into a door, through a door, and into a room; then, staying in the room for as long as you would like, walking out of the door, and passing into a different room. Through the states of death in this plane on earth, you learn transition. You also learn compassion for having loved and lost. It strikes the heart. It reminds you of things that were and could have been. It makes you think with your mind. How could things have been better? How could you have been better? How could you have used your emotions in a more positive way? It helps you to reflect. It helps you to fine tune the being who you are through the reflection of how you were and how you could have been.

Each and every day people pass. People come in and people leave. It is the nature of this world; it is the nature of being. It is not necessarily something to be sad about. It is the nature and the way that things are, have always been, and will always be.

Is there such a thing as karma? And if there is, what exactly is karma? In reality, no one can put a debt upon another, but only upon themselves. GOD does not put a debt upon you. So what people would call karma is the influence of our own spirit and mind upon our own destinies. GOD does not set karma in place. The universe does not set karma in place. Man sets karma in place. We have the guilt, the resentment, the animosity, the hate, the love, the fear, the jealousy, and the greed. That is what creates karma!

Anything that is self-serving as an emotion is what you must learn to control ... to have discipline. There are numerous emotions that are self-serving ... anything that deals with controlling others, manipulating others, judging others, and expectations from others ... anything that places requirements upon others. Can you see how all of these are self-serving? So the actual emotions lust, greed, envy, jealousy, hate, and love if given out impurely can create karma.

As you judge others, you develop what you term as karma. Yes, it is correct that emotions create karma. But the true root of karma is the judgment of others, for it is like a chain reaction or a domino effect. As you judge, you are casting out your emotions at another, and they are coming back upon you. And as the lesson is to be learned, the effect is compounded upon you, so that you shall see what your judgment creates.

At anytime, we could stop the karma that we feel we have done or created. We at anytime could stop judging others and more importantly stop judging ourselves.

When you judge the imperfections of others, you are really looking upon the imperfections in yourself. So when you see someone who is angry with others, that person has been brought into your existence to show you that you become angry with others. When you see someone who comes into your existence who is greedy, that is to show you your own greed.

It is your judgments that are truly at the root of your issues. To judge is an aspect of the ego within man, an aspect of the control that man wishes to have upon himself, others, and his environment. It is in what man would call the terms of sin if you consider sin to be something that is not the way of the Lord, the way of the One. It is an aspect of the divine "will" that has been given to man and that man has taken upon himself as a power to be used in his existence and has misused.

What is ego exactly? Ego is the sin of man, the pride of man, and the "will" of man that pulls away from GOD. That is what ego is. Ego is a barrier that separates man from GOD and man from other men.

What is the basis of evil? Evil is a creation of man. Evil is a creation in the heart and soul and mind of man. If it did not exist there, then it would not exist at all! Goodness in some respects is the same.

Evil is created when man thinks of himself and only himself. Through that thinking of self comes forth all manifestations of what is termed as sin or evil. Greed, lust, stinginess, control, and desires for self are the sins of man.

Then, what is the basis of goodness? Goodness comes when man thinks beyond himself ... when man thinks of his Creator or his fellow beings, the goodness of those fellow beings, sharing with those fellow beings, and the communing or gathering together for praising and rejoicing of all that exists for them. Goodness comes from helping GOD and other beings ... helping other beings to join with GOD ... helping GOD to communicate the messages to those around who cannot hear and to those around who cannot understand. This is the goodness of man! It is the sharing, caring, love, compassion, and giving from the heart. It does no good for man to give and then remorse over the giving. It does no good for man to share and then balk at the reasons for sharing. It does no good for man to love and then regret the love that has been given.

In all things that man sends forth, he must do so without regret, without remorse, and without later refuting what he has done. This is the essence of giving and of love. This is the true essence of sharing, caring, and compassion. It is to send out without expectation, without judgment, and without assumption.

Sin is added to it when the regret, when the remorse, when the assumptions, when the rationale, when the reasoning, and when the attention are for something other than sharing ... something other than goodness ... something that brings back the ego into play and brings the desire of man into play. Then, the goodness is turned into evil, into sin.

Has there always been goodness? Yes.

Has there always been evil? Yes, controlled more at times than others, and at times controlled not at all.

As long as man has been in place and even before, there has been good and evil, but man has allowed himself to be an instrument of both! For before man, there were not beings who would allow themselves to be the instrument of good or evil. They were but with GOD. And in GOD all things exist, but goodness prevails! And evil as a comparison exists but is not implemented.

This is a world in which man is here to learn how not to be used as an instrument to evil, to learn to control his desires and his thoughts, to learn to control his ego and his selfishness, and to learn to embrace others without the intention of control or self. That is the nature of good and evil upon this place. Man chooses what he wishes to be, chooses what he wishes to send forth, and chooses what he wishes to take from this place to the next.

Many men say that they are godly or good, and yet their actions at times will speak of goodness, but their intention is not goodness. So they are not in essence good, for their intention and their underlying motivation are for self and therefore sinful. It is said that man at nature is sinful. That is what is meant by that statement. For what is shown outwardly is in conflict with what is known inwardly.

For man to be good, his inward intention must be reflected in goodness on an outward basis ... outwardly in appearance in thought, in word, and in deed ... in the sharing and compassion to others. The totality of man must be therefore good for goodness to truly exist. For goodness with sin is still sin. A good action with sinful intent is still sin. It is just a facade through which man uses as a means to accomplish his sinful intention.

Thought, word, and deed must be in unison of goodness and godliness in order for man to be godly! If there is any aspect of thought, word, and deed that is not in goodness and godliness, then goodness and godliness do not exist.

Man at the central core of his being knows right from wrong, grace from sinfulness, and morality from immorality. So there is always the core understanding and knowingness that man possesses to be able to judge himself and his thoughts, words, and deeds. Man always knows whether or not he is in alignment with GOD or godliness ... and in unity of purpose with GOD.

Man knows at all times where he stands. Whether or not he wishes to recognize it is another question.

Chapter Two

The Prison within Man's Mind

Many people find themselves living paycheck to paycheck in what seems to be an endless cycle. It's the worry that creates the hand-to-mouth, creates the need for paying for the basics, and creates the need as opposed to the fulfillment. It's the worry that prevents the overflow of abundance! Stop the doubt! Yes, you can worry about every moment of existence if you wish. You can use up your days in endless worry! You are making these things come true now with your endless worry. Your constant worry of how you will pay all of your bills this month creates this hand-to-mouth situation.

It is the constant worry, question, and concern that stem the flow. You call into being the worry or the fear. It is your worry and your fear that create the challenges that you are calling forth. If you worry for something or fear something, then you are calling forth that worry, fear, and the thing that creates that worry and fear! If you have passion and energy but you still worry, then the worry will consume you. So it is your fault, because while you have maintained, it has been hand-to-mouth as you would say. That is your fault! That is the fault of not believing that what you require or need will be there when it is supposed to be there. That is the fault of dwelling upon the date the bills are due, dwelling upon the lack of faith, and dwelling upon the need; therefore, creating the date, the need, and the lack of!

It is the doubt that creates the doubt. It is the lack of that creates the lack of. It is the doubt that creates the events and circumstances that will lead to or perpetuate the doubt. The lack of your faith creates the lack of what you need or desire. Stop the doubt, hesitation, procrastination, and endless questions about why it won't work!

You fight the flow of your desired creation with the doubts of your mind. You push it away with the wondering of whether or not it will occur and when. Your questions are of a doubtful nature and therefore do not serve you. You bring the doubt forward, the lack of progress, and wrap yourself around that ... wrapping it around you ... the doubt, the worry, the anxiety, and the caution.

It is the sabotaging of self through fear that prevents you from achieving. The fear of having what you actually say you want, for you are afraid of what happens once you achieve it. The fear of having to deal with people once you bring them to you. The fear of wondering what to do after you've actually achieved the attraction of your desired creation. This fear is self-sabotage, and you will not achieve with that in your heart! You are driving your ship upon the rocks! Fear repels! Fear repels what you want and repels those individuals whom can help you to achieve what you want.

I know that it is fearful in this world ... the materialism and the lack of ... the wonder of ... and the fear of. You must stop the fear! You must stop the negative thoughts that run through your head! They will not help you. They have not helped you. The fear, anguish, concern, and worry ... all of that is very strong and powerful. You give it more and more strength everyday. You will manifest what you are worried and fearful of, and you have manifested it. That is why you do not have the breath that you seek or need in order to mentally rise above your current situation.

You let your desires, fears, or feeling of weakness let you do something that is not in harmony with your true self!

It is your fear and worry that erases things from your life that are beneficial. That is why you reach a point where it seems that no matter how hard you try or what you do your life is out of your control!

Man has not reached a point where he is naturally inclined or can naturally perform the quieting of his mind. The ego, the desire, and the thoughts create the chaos of man's mind. Man creates the chaos in his mind ... the speed, the images, and the confusion in his mind. It is very hard to push aside a chaotic life, what you see as your life. If you have a chaotic life, a chaotic mind in what you call your reality, then it's very hard to switch the dial and turn all of that chaos off!

When most people try to silence the wild horse within, they cannot! For they can never even imagine it, for their lives are never silent, and their lives are never tame. So how can they possibly imagine it once they close their eyes and try to imagine within what they cannot even experience without?

Man wonders why his life is filled with such despair. Life is full of challenges, and sometimes you see yourself in complete despair not knowing what to do!

First, it troubles me when you say the words that you are in despair! Do not call these things upon yourself. You are a great person who at your core is a wonderful being and a loving spirit. Situations arise even in the lives of great people. Despair is brought upon yourself. It is not brought upon by the influences around you. You allow yourself to despair. Yes, I understand that you allow yourself because of something. But it is you allowing yourself to fall into the crevice, to leave the light, and to enter the darkness.

Man can go whimpering into the dark, into the destruction, and into the self-destruction of a future that has no light. It is the "freewill" of man that makes the decision to despair or not to despair regarding the situations in which man finds himself. You see the despair! You do not see the opportunity! That is why you despair! Despair, questioning, and doubt create the opposite of what you desire and push it away.

Man often finds himself feeling sick or feeling physically overwhelmed. You must understand that all things come with faith. It is the fear and the lack of faith that put the pressure upon ourselves to do something more and to be something more. That pressure represents itself in physical ways as well as mental and emotional ways.


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Gift of Freewill 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this book Dr. Wilcox has focused on the importance of using the gift of free will that we all possess but often fail to recognize. Another reviewer wrote: "We have all heard the story of the man on the roof top of a house during a flood who won't accept the aid of a rescue helicopter, waiting for God to save him." That is just the kind of error that Dr. Wilcox warns against in this excellent book. I found Dr. Wilcox's views particularly interesting in light of my other reading on the old debate as to whether free will really exists, or whether our future is predetermined by supernatural or "necessary" deterministic factors that make free will an illusion. Dr. Wilcox certainly does not see free will as an illusion, and this book will help you to see that too, and to accept the challenge of using your own free will properly. The cover states that this is the first of three related books, and I hope that this means that Dr. Wilcox will pursue the implications of free will even further, as it is hard to overstate the importance of the issue. If you are the type person who wishes to live your life as happily as possible, Dr. Wilcox's views will reinforce your motivation and ability to take control of your life. Books like this one are greatly needed, because much of the world seems to want to deny that free will is important or even exists. Dr. Wilcox stands with those who defend your right (and responsibility) to use your free will to pursue your own happiness, and her book will motivate you to assert that right in your own life. If you doubt the importance of free will, remember that Thomas Jefferson swore "on the altar of God eternal hostility toward every form of tyranny over the mind of man," and that a philosopher he admired wrote that "The wise man sees that ... Necessity cannot exist if men are truly free, and he also sees that Fortune is not in constant control of the lives of men. But the wise man sees that our actions are free, and because they are free, our actions are our own responsibility, and we deserve either blame or praise for them." Dr. Wilcox's book is a powerful personal statement that will help you to see that your actions are indeed free, that your happiness is your own responsibility, and that a productive and happy life is possible to you because of the gift of free will.