Gilbert and Sullivan: The Yeomen of the Guard

Gilbert and Sullivan: The Yeomen of the Guard

by D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

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Disc 1

  1. Overture  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  2. Act 1. When maiden loves  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  3. Act 1. Tower warders, under orders  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  4. Act 1. When our gallant Norman foes  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  5. Act 1. Alas! I waiver to and fro  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  6. Act 1. Is life a boon?  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  7. Act 1. Here's a man of jollity  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  8. Act 1. I Have a song to sing, O  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  9. Act 1. How say you maiden  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  10. Act 1. I've jibe and joke  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  11. Act 1. 'Tis done! I am a bride  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  12. Act 1. Were I thy bride  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  13. Act 1. Act I Finale  -  New Promenade Orchestra

Disc 2

  1. Act 2. Night has spread her pall once more  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  2. Act 2. Oh! A private buffoon is a lighthearted loon  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  3. Act 2. Hereupon we're both agreed  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  4. Act 2. Free from his fetters grim  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  5. Act 2. Sranger adventure  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  6. Act 2. Hark! What was that, sir?  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  7. Act 2. Like a ghost his vigil keeping  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  8. Act 2. A man who would woo a fair maid  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  9. Act 2. When a wooer goes a-wooing  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  10. Act 2. Act II Finale  -  New Promenade Orchestra
  11. Three little maids from school  -  British Light Orchestra
  12. March - With ducal pomp  -  British Light Orchestra
  13. Behold the Lord High Executioner  -  British Light Orchestra
  14. Hornpipe  -  British Light Orchestra
  15. Gavotte  -  British Light Orchestra
  16. Entrance of the Court  -  British Light Orchestra
  17. Dance a Cachucha  -  British Light Orchestra
  18. Act 1. March - Finale  -  British Light Orchestra
  19. Entrance & March of the Peers  -  British Light Orchestra

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company   Primary Artist
Stephen Moore   Conductor
Richard Watson   Vocals,cast
Darrell Fancourt   Vocals,cast
Martyn Green   Vocals,cast
Isidore Godfrey   Conductor
D'Oyly Carte Opera Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
New Promenade Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
British Light Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Stephen S. Moore   Conductor
Leonard Osborn   Vocals
Yeoman of the Guard Cast Ensemble   cast
Muriel Harding   Vocals
Deidree Thurlow   Vocals
Geoffrey Sanders   Vocals
Ann Drummond-Grant   Vocals
Neville Griffiths   Vocals
Ella Halman   Vocals
D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Donald Harris   Vocals,cast

Technical Credits

Arthur Sullivan   Composer
William Schwenk Gilbert   Composer,Lyricist
Peter Dempsey   Liner Notes

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