Gimme an O!

Gimme an O!

by Kayla Perrin

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When L.A. sex therapist Dr. Lecia Calhoun writes a self-help book called The Big O there's no doubt what she's talking about! But even though she's now a nationally known sex expert, "Dr. Love" has to admit to herself that it's been a long time . . .

Star quarterback Anthony "T" Beals clearly knows what O stands for! After all, he got caught with a


When L.A. sex therapist Dr. Lecia Calhoun writes a self-help book called The Big O there's no doubt what she's talking about! But even though she's now a nationally known sex expert, "Dr. Love" has to admit to herself that it's been a long time . . .

Star quarterback Anthony "T" Beals clearly knows what O stands for! After all, he got caught with a working girl—on film! When he appears on a late-night talk show with Lecia, who tells him he's got issues and his wife should dump him, T really lets loose on the air—then comes up with a harebrained plan to solve his marital woes, involving Dr. Love's help. And suddenly Lecia's on a whirlwind cross-country adventure with the NFL hunk—who's determined to teach the good doctor how to move her game from the sidelines to the playing field.

Which soon has the whole country wondering What's really going on with T Beals and Dr. Love?

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Perrin (Tell Me You Love Me; Say You Need Me; etc.) brings together two very different people in search of the very same thing. Gynecologist turned sex therapist Lecia Calhoun, aka Dr. Love, is reveling in the success of her new book, The Big O, "a lighthearted but factual look at women's orgasms and how to achieve them," even if she's having trouble practicing what she preaches. NFL quarterback Anthony Beals, aka T, is living in a nightmare ever since that compromising photo of him and a hooker hit the tabloids and his brand-new wife sued for divorce. Their paths cross on Jay Leno's show-Anthony's there to proclaim his innocence; Lecia's there to flog her book-and sparks fly when T accuses Lecia, who once ran into his estranged wife, of messing up their marriage. Will Anthony clear his name? Will Lecia get her mojo back? Poor them-they just need a little TLC. And they'll find it on a road trip to New Orleans and Kansas as they search for Anthony's wife, who was never who she seemed to be and who has suddenly gone missing. A little suspense, a soup on of romance and a lot of unnecessary dialogue and exposition later, the happy ending comes as it should in this predictable but fun diversion. (Jan.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
In her latest romance, Perrin (Sisters of Theta Phi Kappa) pairs unattached sex therapist Lecia with an NFL quarterback who's reeling from a broken marriage. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Lori Foster
"Kayla Perrin writes believable characters in a heart-stopping romance."

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Gimme an O

By Kayla Perrin

HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2007 Kayla Perrin
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780061143878

Chapter One

How to Drive Your Woman
Crazy With Passion!

Ten Surefire Steps to Keep Her Satisfied
All Night Long

Lecia Calhoun cringed as she read the heading of the chapter that the radio host expected her to discuss--in full, juicy detail, no doubt--during her scheduled interview. An interview that was to take place in--she glanced at her watch--eight minutes and counting. And not just with any radio host, but with Depraved Dave, arguably one of Los Angeles' most foulmouthed, irreverent talk show hosts. Loud and obnoxious, he was the antithesis of the feminist, the kind of man's man who commanded attention in the worst possible way. A chauvinist pig who believed that women had been put on Earth to serve men in general and him in particular. She wouldn't put it past him to roll off a woman and belch right after orgasm, or even to belch as he was coming. He was that kind of guy. A month ago at Spago Beverly Hills she had seen him stuff a tip down the hostess's blouse--groping the startled woman for a good few seconds--and he was at the restaurant with his wife.

She could only imagine how he would handle her now.

Knowing this was going to be her worst nightmare, Lecia again glanced at the open book. The words How to Drive Your Woman Crazy with Passion! danced on the page, mocking her. Oh, yeah--she could imagine the fun DepravedDave would have at her expense. After all, she had written the words.

A part of her had held out hope that Depraved Dave wouldn't earmark this chapter, because . . . well, because one could entertain fantasies, couldn't they? Fantasies were a normal, healthy part of life. It was part of what she preached in this very book, which now felt like a cement block in her hands.

In reality, she was hoping that the universe would spare her this with Depraved Dave, simply because she had already discussed this very chapter with 99.9 percent of the hosts and reporters who had talked to her. It was the very last chapter in the book, but the one the media were interested in. The one that read like a tabloid sex column, a marked departure from the other chapters. The one that was thrown in half as a joke, but her editor had loved it nonetheless.

Given that she had discussed this chapter so many times, she knew she should be prepared for any question. But she had not yet discussed it with Depraved Dave, whose middle name was Shocking. He poked fun even at the holiest of topics. She had once listened to his show in open-mouthed horror as he challenged nuns to "get laid" so they would know exactly what they had given up.

Oh, God. How was she going to handle him?

Slinking down in the worn leather chair, Lecia lifted her face to Angela, the publicist who had accompanied her from her publishing house. Angela was a tall, pretty blonde who could easily have been a model if she'd decided to pursue that career. She was smiling and chatting with Joe Balfour, the producer of Get Real with Dave.

"Um, excuse me. Angela . . . "

Angela glanced down at her. Lecia realized she must have worn a petrified expression on her face, because Angela's eyes narrowed with concern. "What's the matter? You need to use the bathroom?"

"Not exactly." And thanks for saying that in front of Joe! "I, uh, need to speak with you for a moment." She paused. "Privately."

Joe's eyes flitted between both women. "No problem. I need to get some water anyway. I'll be back in a couple of minutes to bring you in for the show."

Even though Lecia had heard the man speak already, Joe's voice was still a shock to her. A shock because it told a lie. Deep and husky, it said he was at least six feet of well-muscled man. In reality, he was five-foot-four--max--and if he had any rippling muscles, they were camouflaged by layers of fat. Yet Joe had an easy smile and a confident glint in his eyes that said he thought he was as sexy as the Denzel Washingtons and Brad Pitts of the world.

Lecia forgot about Joe the moment he left the room. She was on her feet in a flash, holding her book open for Angela to see. "Chapter Thirteen," she said, aware that her voice was higher than usual. "Depraved Dave wants me to discuss Chapter Thirteen. You assured me we'd discuss something else!"

"I tried," Angela said. "I told Joe you'd been interviewed about that chapter several times already, that I thought it'd be a more interesting slant to concentrate on another aspect of the book. Last I heard from him, he said Dave was more interested in you and your background. But what can I say?" She shrugged. "It's Dave's show. What he says goes."

"I can't do this," Lecia protested. "Not this chapter. Not with Depraved Dave."

Angela took a swig of her bottled water, but Lecia didn't miss the smirk before the plastic had hit her lips. "It'll be fine."

"And when he chews me to pieces before his male chauvinist audience?"

"He won't be able to chew you to pieces. Everything you say in the book is fact. Especially Chapter Thirteen. If you ask me, it's high time men get it."

"Like that's gonna happen with his audience."



"Calm down. Honestly, there's no need to panic. You know your stuff, and when you're through with Depraved Dave, he'll know it, too."

"I'm not too sure about that."

"Stop stressing about it. No one's gonna remember what you said anyway. They'll tune in for one reason only--the topic. Sex sells. Men are as intrigued by the female orgasm as women are. Which is exactly why your book is hot."


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Lori Foster
“Kayla Perrin writes believable characters in a heart-stopping romance.”

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Kayla Perrin's acclaimed novels include The Sweet Spot, Tell Me You Love Me, and the Essence bestseller Sisters of Theta Phi Kappa. A certified teacher, Kayla also works in the Toronto film industry as an actress, having appeared in many TV shows, commercials, and movies, and was the 2002 recipient of the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Multicultural Romance.

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