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Ginger High

Ginger High

3.6 9
by Melissa Burmester
Since 1901, there have been many unexplained deaths at Ginger High, a school for students with special powers. Daisy, a girl with mystical gifts, her friends and others from an alternate reality help solve the mystery.


Since 1901, there have been many unexplained deaths at Ginger High, a school for students with special powers. Daisy, a girl with mystical gifts, her friends and others from an alternate reality help solve the mystery.

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Infinity Publishing
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FICTION / Fantasy / General
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5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.60(d)

Meet the Author

Melissa Burmester is presently living in East Moriches, NY with her twin brother George, her parents and their cat Cosmo. Melissa has been writing about vampires and the supernatural since the age of twelve. She has written a few short stories, but "Ginger High" is her first novel. She is presently attending Westhampton Beach High School, and is planning a career as a writer and a teacher. Please visit her website www.gingerhigh.com.

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Ginger High 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
kmoody83 More than 1 year ago
In a school where the students have special powers, unexplained deaths are popping up around Ginger High. All of the victims have bite marks on their necks.  After having to back to their parallel, supernatural world of Animist, supernatural beings, Matthias, Taeru, and Amanta, are brought back to help solve the mysterious deaths. After her old school burns down, Daisy Fisher starts at Ginger.  As if learning to control her newfound supernatural powers wasn’t enough, she discovers a deep, family secret. She soon makes friends with Amanta and teams up with him to try and solve the deaths, but could the family secret and the deaths be somehow connected? Will the 4 people be able to solve the mystery before they too wind up victims? This book has a great concept and a unique plot, especially with the parallel universes. The characters were likable and entertaining, but needed fleshed out more. The plot was fast-paced, but had a few holes and the transitions weren’t smooth. It also would have been nice to have a little more detailed description in some parts. The story was a fun read, however, and well worth the time. Overall, a pretty good book for a first-time young novelist.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bridget3420 More than 1 year ago
Ginger High is a school unlike any other. The students are from another universe and possess powers beyond your wildest imaginations. Someone is using their powers for evil and this person is not afraid to kill. Several unexplained deaths cause some of the students to follow the clues and find out who is doing this before it's too late. This is the author's first book and I'm so excited to see what she publishes next. The author is able to capture your attention and keep it page after page.
gl More than 1 year ago
Ginger High is an interesting and dialogue heavy book. I found the shifts from different time periods and from Earth to Animist a bit confusing, but it's a valiant first effort by Melissa Burmester. It's hard to believe that it is a work of a fourteen-year old. Publisher: Infinity Publishing (May 15, 2009), 229 pages. Review copy provided by the author and Pump Up Your Book Promotion Tours.
Tina_M More than 1 year ago
I was hesitant when I asked to review Ginger High. I had never reviewed Young Adult fiction, nor had I reviewed an author as young as Melissa Burmeister. However, to my delight Melissa Burmeister is a remarkable young author. She has brought to life a school filled with colorful characters, mystery, murder and the paranormal with a talent usually seen by much more experienced authors of this genre. I had so many 'Oh My Gosh moments' and 'I didn't see that coming' moments that I quickly got swept away with the storyline. I gave Ginger High to my younger sister following reading it and she loved it, so much so that I haven't gotten it back off her.
onyx9 More than 1 year ago
As a freshman in High school, Daisy Fisher was surprised to be paired with a senior during in-school detention. Befriending Fredrick Ramsey changed her life, first she witnessed his part in the school burning down, then she finds that he would be attending the same school as her. Mixed feelings and thoughts about him and many of her new friends at Ginger High are compounded with the new understanding that everyone at this new school has special powers. When several deaths occur shortly after her arrival at school, a healer (Amanta) from the parallel universe of Animist arrives, between him and his best friend (Matthias) they are determined to help find the person responsible. The answers may not be as easy as they would like with Amanta in a weakened state and Matthias keeping secrets. Is anything what it appears to be? I understand this was written by a 14 year-old, keeping that in mind, I really enjoyed the concept of the story. The parallel universe, the special powers that each of them possess has a bit of an original twist in it. The introduction of a similar situation from 1901 seemed a good way to start, even though some of it was unnecessary. There was a lot of familial characters and that did make it a little easier to follow. I would have liked to get to know the important characters a bit better. Daisy accepted thing way to easy and without question, Fredrick did things just because and seemingly without a second thought. While the little bit of back story for Amanta and Matthias was helpful in understanding these characters, there was still huge holes in the characters. I like to get attached to the characters and had trouble getting attached to any of these. There was also holes in the story, the conclusion only answered one of the dozen or so questions that came to my mind. There is several parts that I wondered how exactly they got to that position and would have liked more definition, action, conversation, description, history - something, just more of it. Decent first attempt at a novel - concept, story premise, even characters are great, the work needs to be done in the presentation of the story, the 'painting of the picture' and getting the story to flow so that it comes through with fewer holes and dropped sub-plots.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BillyB More than 1 year ago
Ginger High BY: Melissa Burmester PUBLISHED BY: Infinity Publishing.com PUBLISHED IN: May 2009 ISBN: 0-7414-5363-0 Ages: teen & up Reviewed by Billy Burgess Growing up in the 90's, I was a big fan of teen horror novels - Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine and Lois Duncan were some of my favorite authors. The teen horror/thriller trend has died down, except for the ones where vampires sparkle. I found Ginger High a breath of fresh air. Teen girls will easily connect with the main character, Daisy - a smart, strong young woman. The novel begins in 1901 where a series of murders take place. All of the victims have bite marks on their necks. Could it be vampires? The story jumps forward to modern days and focuses on teen Daisy Fisher. After her school is burnt down, Daisy is sent to a new school in New York.. Ginger High is a private school for students with extraordinary powers and abilities. She befriends some of the students who can teleport, heal others, and create fire. She soon finds out that people came to Earth from a parallel world called the Kingdom of Animists. A murder occurs at Ginger High, bringing the supernatural beings Amanta, Matthias, and Taeru from the parallel world. While they investigate the death, Daisy struggles with her supernatural powers, and with her mysterious new friend, Fredrick. Amanta must deal with a long time, buried family secret. Fourteen year old, Melissa Burmester has written a fast paced debut novel; combining horror, mystery and fantasy. I love the cover of the book - it reminds me of the horror movie posters of the middle 80's. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. The author has a bright future in the world of writing.
Writefieldservices More than 1 year ago
At age 14, author Melissa Burmester makes her writing debut with her first novel, 'Ginger High.' Part supernatural and part mystery, 'Ginger High' tells the story of two realities colliding that result in a spine-tingling adventure to solve a string of murders taking place at a supernatural school. 'Ginger High' spans the period of 1901 to 2007. Ginger High is a magical school in New York where students learn to utilize their supernatural powers. The story opens in 1901 where a series of murders takes place at the school with the victims found dead with a bite mark on their necks. The plot then advances to modern day where a young girl by the name of, Daisy Fisher, attends Ginger High after her school burns down. Daisy and her friends along, with supernatural beings Amanta, Matthias, and Taeru, who have traveled through a portal from the supernatural world of Animist, work together to find a murderer. Animist is an alternate world where supernatural beings with special powers reside. In the story, the portal to earth becomes closed due to a War taking place on Animist. The plot advances to include the supernatural powers of vampires and magical powers of those who can teleport, heal others, and create fire. As juvenile fiction, 'Ginger High' taps into the popular supernatural genre. The central plot is about uncovering a murderer, but engaging subplots and themes are interwoven to make the story a page-turning adventure. Much of the character development centers on Matthias, Daisy, and Amanta. Such development includes Daisy coming to terms with her supernatural powers as well as evolving to a strong and independent young girl. As a feisty and head-strong young girl, Daisy is a character young readers will identify with and root for. As well, readers will follow Amanta as he struggles to survive and comes to terms with a family secret he has kept from his brother. There was a bit more dialogue than description. Setting descriptions could have been a bit more detailed. There could have also been a little more 'show' and a little less 'tell.' As well, I would have like to have learned a bit more about the war taking place on Animist. At age 14, Melissa Burmester clearly has a gift for story telling. The hidden secrets that are unraveled make the story an enjoyable read. 'Ginger High' is highly recommended to readers who enjoy action packed adventure wrapped in exciting supernatural suspense. Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services.