Gipsy: The Gipsy Star

Gipsy: The Gipsy Star

by Enrico Marini

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Science Fiction Chronicle
Two graphic novels, both in large format and full color throughout. The first is set in a future in which a new ice age threatens the world. The protagonist is a gypsy trucker on a superhighway of the future who has to contend with violent truckers as well as the bad weather. Has some mild nudity and sex. It's ok, but the second title is much better. A young Tarzan-style woman living in a jungle has a series of run-ins with an alliance of aliens who are visiting her planet. The artwork is better, the story is better, and the endingeven caught me by surprise.

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N B M Publishing Company
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9.28(w) x 12.21(h) x 0.23(d)

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