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Girl Vs Ghost

Girl Vs Ghost

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by Kate Mcmurry, Marie August

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Isabel Lindley doesn't believe in magic, but her best friend is obsessed with witchcraft. Strictly as a favor, Isabel agrees to help with a spell and is shocked when the ghost of a teenage boy splat-lands in her bedroom. Her friend is thrilled-even though only Isabel can see or hear the ghost-but Isabel is horrified. She's the most ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on


Isabel Lindley doesn't believe in magic, but her best friend is obsessed with witchcraft. Strictly as a favor, Isabel agrees to help with a spell and is shocked when the ghost of a teenage boy splat-lands in her bedroom. Her friend is thrilled-even though only Isabel can see or hear the ghost-but Isabel is horrified. She's the most ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on the planet. What is she supposed to do with a ghost who doesn't know his own name, how he died, or why the heck he's tied to Isabel with a psychic chain? Her only hope to take back her life is to help him solve the mystery of his demise so he can go to the Light. Or wherever. She's not particular, as long as the ghost is gone.

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Blazing Star Press
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11 - 18 Years

Meet the Author

Kate McMurry is married with two grown children, one of whom is her coauthor, Marie August. Kate and her husband Chris share their home with an adorable rat terrier named Dottie. Kate has worked as an English teacher, a therapist, a paralegal, and a freelance writer. Girl vs Ghost is her first published novel. For more information on Kate or to email her, go to katemcmurry dot com.

Marie August has a bachelors degree in visual art and has written fiction since her teens, with the guidance and encouragement of her mother, Kate McMurry. Marie and Kate have partnered as a fiction team since 2006. In addition to coauthoring Girl vs Ghost, Marie has created a comic based on its first chapter, which can be found on misdirectedmagic dot com. For more information on Marie or to email her, go to: marieaugust dot com.

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Girl vs Ghost 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Isabel always gets pulled into her best friend's newest hobbies- this time it's witchcraft and spells read from a powerful spellbook. What Isabel didn't expect was to be tethered to a ghost only she can see and hear. Now she and Tripp have to figure out what happened to the ghost and unravel the tie between them! I really liked the characters - Isabel's shyness spiced with sass and Tripp's bold and brassy nature. Even the supporting characters were well defined which gave even more depth to the story. The plot was fantastic and unpredictable - lots of hair raising action, spookiness, comedy, and a touch of romance. I also greatly enjoyed the illustrations that accompanied the story. I was hooked from the first few pages and I wasn't disappointed! I am definitely looking forward to the next books in this trilogy! Well done, Ms. McMurry and Ms. August!!
Jen-Stewart More than 1 year ago
I've never been much of witchcraft when I was a teen, but this was so cool! NOTHING like how I thought the book would be like :) The book starts off with 2 friends, Isabel and Tripp playing around one Friday night. Tripp tries to do a summoning and lo and behold - a strange teenage boy falls from the sky and lands in the circle of salt right in the middle of Isabel's bedroom! When Isabel stands up to defend herself, she finds out that Tripp has no idea who Isabel is talking about. But Isabel can see and hear this stranger. And no one knows why. Isabel and Tripp decide to go to Tripp's grandmother whom happens to own a witchcraft shop, and ask her for help. When Alora (Tripp's Grandmother) begins her own summonsing for an Angel to take this boy towards the light - we learn that it is not his time.. This boy (Marc) has a quest he needs to conquer, and being tied to Isabel (literally with a 5 foot long orange rope) because Isabel was suppose to be there to help him. This book was way cute in many ways - When Marc learns there is a lot more to Isabel's life then the furry she directs at him constantly. Marc trying to help her by fighing the "low spirits" (those were spooky) and of course Tripp.. Her personality was just awesome! Isabel and Tripp try their best to help out Marc with learning about his life and death. To try to help him finish his quest, but it seems like everything is against them. I really enjoyed reading this book. It had a lot of twists to it to keep you guessing how Marc died, and what's going to happen next. I also really liked seeing the illistrations on each chapter :) Defiantly going to be looking out for book 2 - Witches Vs Wizards' That comes out in November 2011 :)
NicoleWeisz More than 1 year ago
Isabel Lindley was only doing her friend Tripp a favor when they were doing a spell in her bedroom. She really didn't believe in magic. She certainly was surprised when a teenage boy lands on her floor. Isabel is not happy, Tripp is, even though she can't actually see him, and Isabel is the only one that can. Isabel does not want to take on the responsibility of this boy who doesn't know his name, when or how he died, and why he is tied to Isabel by a psychic chain. The only way to get rid of him she realizes is to figure out about his life, and then he can move on. She wants him gone. Isabel is the ordinary teenage girl. Wears t-shirts and jeans and doesn't believe in magic. I really liked her and her support for her best friend was how friends should be. Tripp was also a super likable character, she was different and a very entertaining. Marc was a mystery, it would be hard not knowing who you are, finding out you are dead and not knowing how it happened, seriously tough. I enjoyed finding out all the mystery surrounding Marc and Isabel and Tripp experience it with him. Girl vs. Ghost was funny, and entertaining! The art done inside and on the cover of the book were done by one of the authors, Marie August. The pictures were definitely a a great addition to the book! I received the book for review from the authors, this is my honest opinion.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Brenda C. for Readers Favorite Isabel Lindley and Tripp Macauley have been friends for seven years. Isabel is the practical one, and Tripp is always coming up with different things to try. Normally Tripp's quirkiness doesn't bother Isabel, but Tripp's newest hobby of Witchcraft and performing spells is something Isabel isn't really gung ho about. However, when Tripp asks her to help with a spell, what's a best friend to do but go along? When the spell goes awry, landing a ghost smack dab in the middle of Isabel's bedroom, a ghost only Isabel can see, she demands that Tripp fix it, but she isn't sure how. Isabel has other problems to deal with, too...namely Parker Hamilton, a boy who keeps complaining that Tripp copied his book of magic spells. When it becomes apparent Parker has something to do with the ghost that Isabel sees, they are going to have to work together to help get rid of the ghost. Can they put their bickering aside long enough to come up with a solution? This is a spellbinding story whose plot never drags and had enough twists and turns that held my attention until the final word. I found the characters quite believable. The girls are really opposites, Tripp is a bit flighty, and her home life consists of babysitting her siblings. Isabel, on the other hand, is ever practical, and takes things quite seriously. I thought the secondary character of Finn was quite interesting, and his role as a spirit guide of sorts is something that I hope develops further in future books. I found myself drawn to this book because of the paranormal aspect, but the mystery and humor woven in really makes this story shine. I also liked that the story ended in a way that I really never expected. This is a nice clean paranormal read that's perfect for teens as well as pre-teens, but adults will certainly enjoy this one as well. The author certainly whet my appetite for the next book in the series by including the first chapter at the end of this story. I for one can't wait to read it!
pagese More than 1 year ago
I really wasn't sure when the author contacted me about this book. But, having had good luck with this type of book in the past, I decided to give it a try. Isabel was an alright character. I get the impression that she's smart. So while she comes off as really self absorbed, I would be willing to bet that she actually just really shy. She's also really set in her ways. So, it's more than a little inconvenient when she's saddled with a ghost who is literally chained to her. I wasn't sure that her anger at Tripp was justified. For someone who is so grounded in reality, I think it was the shock that her friend managed to accomplish something that she really wasn't expecting. I like the way she handles being chained to ghost that no one else can see. I really wasn't overly fond of Tripp. She's dabbling in magic that she really knows nothing about. Worse, when she admits she might need help getting rid of the ghost she asks Isabel to lie to her grandmother about really happened. As it turns out, she's also lying to Isabel about the spell she was really trying to perform. She's a little overconfident in her own abilities and knowledge. There's some twists in the book that I wasn't expecting. Turns out the spells Tripp has been using are from a book that don't belong to her. And the owner is a little unhappy about her use of them. His involvement makes the story a little more interesting. Overall, an ok book. It's well worth the $0.99 for the ebook formats.
Shanella More than 1 year ago
Isabel and Tripp are in for a surprise when a spell goes wrong and a ghost ends up tied, literally, to Isabel. Girl vs. Ghost is the first in a trilogy of books by the mother/daughter team, Kate McMurry and Marie August. The story follows Isabel, Tripp and their newly acquired ghost as they unravel the mystery of the ghost, where he came from and what he wants. I thought the story was fast paced - but well paced. Isabel and Tripp were fun together, though, I'm not entirely sure how Isabel puts up with Tripp! She's quite a character. It's written from multiple perspectives, however, it's easy to pick up on whose point of view you're reading. Sometimes, as many characters share their view of certain scenes, it did get a bit dizzying, but nothing overbearing. The one thing I didn't like, were the times some of the characters seemed to speak in a manner that didn't fit them. Well, either that's what happened or grandmothers say, "No biggie" all the time! You never know . I'm curious to see where the other two books lead; the ending - though not a cliff-hanger - did leave a few questions unanswered. If you like light-hearted ghost stories, this is a book for you. (Trust me, it's not scary!)
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Girl vs Ghost is the first in the Misdirected Magic Series, the writing team of author Kate McMurry and her graphic illustrator daughter Marie August worked together to combine a Young Adult themed book with Fantasy and Romance, in the process they created a truly unique and fun reading experience for audiences of all ages... Isabel and her best friend Tripp are fairly typical teen girls with some individual quirks that set them apart without making them unbelievable... The ghost they manage to conjure during one of Tripp's magical ventures turns out to be much more than just a lost spirit... In the unraveling of this tale filled with teen drama, a mystery that keeps you anchored to your chair trying to solve it along with Tripp and Isabel, and some pretty intense moments the reader is taken on an enjoyable journey... This book is filled with lots of humor as promised by the author, some very interesting observations made by the characters that will leave the reader thinking hard about what is going on at that point in the story and most of all a unique all-it's-own flavor that leaves you satisfied at the end while still wanting to read on and have more adventures with the girls! Not only is this a quick and easy read but it is one that will make you smile. Will Isabel be able to release the young man's ghost from his limbo and help him discover who he is and how he died? Will Tripp's continued use of magic cause more harm than good? Want the answers grab a copy today! Paperback Amazon $8.95 Hardcover Amazon $15.95 Amazon Kindle $0.99 B and N Nook $0.99 I have to disclose that this book was a Kindle review copy submitted to me by the author for an honest review and that there is no other compensation from her or the publisher except for the review copy and my reading pleasure and enjoyment of the characters depicted in the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago