Girlz Rock: Devotions for You
  • Girlz Rock: Devotions for You
  • Girlz Rock: Devotions for You

Girlz Rock: Devotions for You

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by Kristi Holl

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In this ninety-day devotional, devotions like “Who Am I?” help pave the spiritual walk of life, and the “Girl Talk” feature poses questions that really bring each message home. No matter how bad things get, you can always count on God.

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In this ninety-day devotional, devotions like “Who Am I?” help pave the spiritual walk of life, and the “Girl Talk” feature poses questions that really bring each message home. No matter how bad things get, you can always count on God.

'Excellent for Homeschool Use'

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Faithgirlz! Series
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Ages 8 - 12
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5.56(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)
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9 - 12 Years

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Girlz Rock
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Girlz rock / Kristi Holl with Jennifer Vogtlin.
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Illustrated by: Robin Zingone
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For Abby Dawn Vogtlin, with love from Nana.
How you've blessed my life!

A Narrow Road That Leads to Wider Promise
You can enter God's kingdom only through the narrow
gate that leads to life. The highway to hell is broad, and its
gate is wide for the many who choose the easy way. But the
road to life is narrow, and only a few ever find it.
Many of your friends will encourage you to join them on the
wide path. It looks like fun, and Satan promises that you'll
feel loved and accepted if you live as the world lives. You'll
have more "friends" on the broad path. You won't be
branded a "narrow-minded Christian" if you
choose to travel on the Anything Goes
Highway. On that wide path you'll hear
that cheating to get good grades is okay,
that R-rated movies don't hurt you, and
that it's cool to drink and take drugs.
The broad way is also the way of disappointment
and false promises. It can't deliver
love and acceptance and long-lasting happiness because it's
Satan's lie. Proverbs 16:25 (NKJV) says, "There is a way that
seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death."The
broad way might be "fun" for a while, but your heart will
never find peace this way. True joy and acceptance are found
through God on the narrow path. Traveling God's way can
mean a difficult, rocky road at times. But it leads to peace
here on earth and eternal life in heaven. It's not heavily traveled,
but Jesus is always with you, so you're never alone.
You're standing at a fork in the road. Take off with
confidence down the narrow way--to life!
Did You Know…
that Jesus told the disciples they
had to be like children (and have
childlike faith) to enter heaven?
Read Matthew 18:2-5.
Girl Talk:
What path are you
walking on right now?
Do you think God
would be happy with
your choices?
God Talk:
"Lord, I don't
always make the right
choices. Help me to be courageous
and choose the right path.
I want you to be proud of me.
I love you. Amen."
Beauty 101:
Walking down a path is a great way to get
exercise. Fast walking for twenty to thirty
minutes a day gets your heart pumping. Walk
only during the day, and take a buddy with you!
More to Explore: Luke 13:24-25
Never-Ending Love
Our limited human minds find it hard to grasp how
much God loves us. His love continues forever and can be
counted on in all our times of need. God pulled us to him
with his love and kindness. "We love Him because He first
loved us" (1 John 4:19 NKJV).
Think about the person you love most in the world. Then
multiply the love you feel for this person a thousand times.
That's only a tiny drop of the love--the everlasting
love--that God feels toward you.
Every day for a month, take a few minutes to
think about how much God loves you. Say it
out loud: "God loves me. The all-knowing,
all-powerful, all-loving God of the universe
loves me!" See how that changes
your feelings during the month. We
would live much differently if we truly
understood how much God loves us. He
wants only the best for us--10 all the time. He
wants to meet all our needs--we only have to ask him. (That
doesn't mean he will give you everything you want, but instead
everything he knows you need.) He wants to fight our battles
for us--we only have to lean on him. He wants to give us
direction and to have the joy Jesus died for us to have.
God wanted us so much that he pulled us to him. Jesus said,
"No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me
draws him" (John 6:44 NIV). People do not come to Christ
strictly because of their own ideas or decisions. It is God
pulling them to him. He loves you and wants you that much!
God's love for you is without limit. Soak it up!
Did You Know…
that God is faithful to those
who love him? Moses tells the
Israelites what will happen to
them, depending on whether
they love God or hate him.
Read Deuteronomy 7:8-10
for more of the story.
Girl Talk:
Do you feel that
God really loves you?
How do you think he
shows his love to
you each day?
God Talk:
"Lord, it's hard to believe that
you love me so much, but I am so
grateful to have your love. Help me to
show love to others the way you
show your love for me. Thank
you for never leaving me.
More to Exp lore: Psalm 103:17 and Titus 3:3-6
Cultivate Your Faith
When you plant garden seeds, you don't expect much
of a crop from dry, rocky ground, or a patch full of weeds.
But good soil--black soil full of minerals--will produce up to
a hundred times the amount of seed that was planted. In the
same way, people with good hearts, ready to receive God's
word and act on it, will also produce an abundant harvest.
They will become all that God created them to be.
God has given you special talents and abilities that he
wants you to use. Do you love to run fast? Do you
have a good singing voice or an ability to play the
flute well? Can you write poetry, or paint
watercolors? God wants you to enjoy the
gifts and talents, but also use them to
bring joy to others and glory and praise
to God. Is your life producing such a
harvest? It can!
If you don't like your harvest, check
12 your soil. Is it full of weeds (like resentment,
Devotion #3
"The good soil represents those who hear and
accept God's message and produce a huge harvest--
thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had
been planted."--Mark 4:20 (NLT)
laziness, or jealousy)? Then deal with the weeds. Pray for
help to get rid of them, then do what God tells you to do. Is
your soil dry and hard from lack of water (from ignoring
reading your Bible)? Then soak it in the rivers of living
water from God's Word. Then you'll grow the fruit of the
Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-
23 NKJV).
If your soil needs attention, be a good farmer and
plow it. Plant it with seeds of obedience to God's
word--then wait for that bumper-crop harvest!

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