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Give God the Glory!: Called to be Light in the Workplace

Give God the Glory!: Called to be Light in the Workplace

by Kevin Wayne Johnson

Called to be Light in the Workplace is the second book in this series of nine. This book challenges its readers to be ‘light’ on their respective job(s) in each of the three phases of career progression: (1) Entry-level (trainee or intern), (2) journey-man level (middle manager) and (3) senior level (executive or mentor). God’s Word ministers


Called to be Light in the Workplace is the second book in this series of nine. This book challenges its readers to be ‘light’ on their respective job(s) in each of the three phases of career progression: (1) Entry-level (trainee or intern), (2) journey-man level (middle manager) and (3) senior level (executive or mentor). God’s Word ministers about how to encourage others at work and influence positive change in the midst of dysfunctional places of employment. Through the lives of Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Evangelist Billy Graham, Dr. Ben Carson, and many other recognizable and unrecognizable names, excellence in their jobs has raised the level of productivity of others. It is systematically divided into three parts, with three chapters each. Supported by the Scriptures throughout, the central theme of each chapter focuses on specific ways to let our ‘light’ shine and to Give God the Glory! while at work everyday. As with all books in the Give God the Glory! series, it concludes with a family prayer to reinforce the contents within the books’ nine chapters. Readers are encouraged to refer to the Give God the Glory! series as collections of prayers, daily prayer books, and prayer books. Prayer shall change our lives for the better as we learn how to apply God’s Word to our everyday lives. It can be used as a daily prayer book to learn why and how do I pray. Listed amongst best selling Christian books and best seller Christian books, now in its second printing and still appealing to readers who seek the comfort and healing regarding workplace issues and concerns, readers can locate the current availability of stock in the local church book store, the family book store, the family Christian bookstore, Jesus book store, on line Christian book stores, amongst your favorite Christian books list, your Christian library and your local Christian gift shop. Popular African American Christian author Kevin Wayne Johnson recommends this book to men and women who seek Biblical guidance and coaching on workplace issues of concern at all levels in their career. In parallel with this book, it is suggested that the companion devotional, Let Your Light So Shine, add deeper meaning to what Jesus taught about the importance of our individual and collective “light.”

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“Give God the Glory! Called to be LIGHT in the Workplace is a nice blend of spiritual and practical wisdom about being the best ambassador for Christ in the workplace. I especially like the servant leader section and the material about being an effective communicator. Readers will be stirred to press on toward the mark to win the prize (i.e. Christ) for which are call called heavenward. Mr. Johnson challenges our complacency and encourages us to maintain a “new wineskin heart” into which our Lord can pour much of the “new wine” that is found in this book.” – Jim Biscardi, Jr., President, New Jersey Christian Ministries, Incorporated

“In my professional role as editor, book coach, and author of five of my own books, I am immensely impressed with Brother Kevin Johnson’s latest work, Give God the Glory! Called to be Light in the Workplace. Not only is the content of the book especially helpful to me as a leader who has mentored many women over the past 25 years, but the structure of the book is outstanding. The quotes, graphics and illustrations are excellent. Above all, I appreciate to that which he has presented as possible solutions to our day-to-day challenges in the workplace. Taking one of his personal quotes from the book, let me say this: ‘Excellence never happens by accident. We have to make it happen.’ Kevin has made it happen with his latest educational tool. It needs to be on every employer’s shelf.” - Minister M.D. Edwards, Founder and President, The Called and Ready Writers, Detroit, Michigan

“Simplistically clear and incisive, a real need for the 21st century working world.” – Melvin Johnson, Sr., Founder and Pastor, True Disciple Ministries, Somerville, New Jersey

“Many author’s written about surviving and thriving in the workplace. There have also been many books written on being a Christian light. However, few if any books have effectively integrated these two important topics into an inspiring and very useful book. Mr. Johnson is successful in this endeavor. His new work is very meaningful in a challenging and chaotic work environment. He challenges employees to be Christian lights on their respective jobs. Through a comprehensive analysis of the Bible and the three phases of career progression, Mr. Johnson reminds employees that God is in the workplace.” – Diane Floyd Sutton, President, Sutton Enterprises and Author of Increasing the Spirit and Effectiveness of People in the Workplace, Washington, DC

“Kevin’s knowledge of the Lord and writing are incomparable to anyone I’ve met in the industry plus his spirit is so warm and open – he is a true servant of the Lord. Very inspiring!” – Pam Perry, President, American Christian Writers, Detroit chapter

The principle purpose – God made man for His glory! As you think of that concept, how much do we really understand what the glory of God is all about? How does the glory of God relate to our everyday life?

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“Kevin Johnson has presented to us how we can glorify God not only in church but also in the workplace. It is of vital importance that we grasp this principle that has been presented for us in Kevin’s intriguing work called, “Give God the Glory!” May this be the pursuit of all of us as we think of the very purpose God had for us as He placed us on planet Earth.” – Joe Jordan, Executive Director, Word of Life Fellowship, Incorporated, Schroon Lake, New York

“You’re in a store thinking about buying this book. You ask yourself two logical questions: ‘Is it worth spending $15 to read what this man has to say about being a Christian in the workplace? Will I feel that I received my money’s worth when I finish this book?’ The answer is a resounding YES! Kevin Johnson has taken the Word of God, blended it with years of experience in government and corporations, seasoned it with helpful quotations, examples and resources, and baked it in the fire of the Holy Spirit to cook up a very relevant book. I believe that, in God’s economy, the $15 you choose to invest in Give God the Glory: Called to be LIGHT in the Workplace can deliver a profoundly positive and eternal return-on-investment.” - Drew Crandall, President, Northeast Christians at Work, Vernon, Connecticut

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Writing for the Lord Ministries
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Give God the Glory Series
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Meet the Author

With the fundamental belief that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson lives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion is reflected through his national best-selling book series (Give God the Glory!), that earned 17 literary awards from 2001 to 2012, all published through his Christian-based publishing company – Writing for the Lord Ministries, as a former radio and television host, and in several leadership positions within the local church, the Christian publishing industry, and the National Association of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Johnson was introduced to the Bible and the Christian doctrine as a child and active member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. At the age of eight, his maternal grandmother (Granny), a devout Seventh Day Adventist, prophesied that he would preach the gospel in due season. From these planted seeds, Johnson, alongside his wife, Gail, confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior on May 2, 1993. This spiritual transformation occurred slightly less than two months after their marriage on March 6, 1993.

An active member of the Purpose Management Team and Pastor of Discipleship at Celebration Church, Columbia, Maryland, Pastor Johnson oversees the following ministries: Prayer, prison (men and women), Christian education (Bible Institute), Christian guidance, and the Good 4 U Health and Wellness. He also serves as Secretary, National Association of the Church of God Men’s Ministry (2009 to present). Johnson was initially ordained into the Christian ministry as a deacon while at Shiloh Pentecostal Church, Incorporated, Christian Love Center, Somerville, New Jersey, with his wife, in 2000. He is an Evangelical Training Association (ETA) certified instructor (2000 to present).

Johnson is a professional in government as well as private industry. For 27 years, he has performed successfully in numerous middle and senior-level positions in the areas of workforce development, training, organizational change, acquisition/procurement, customer service, client relationships, and program management, to include the Department of Defense, Department of the Treasury, the Government of the District of Columbia, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Department of the Army, Defense Logistics Agency, and in the private sector at Vivendi Universal and Reuters America. He has testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, and has prepared testimony that was presented before the District of Columbia Committee on Government Operations. Johnson is a graduate of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program (1996). During this program, he assisted the Office of Federal Procurement Policy with several procurement reform initiatives that were tied to the National Performance Review under the Clinton Administration. In 1999, he was awarded the distinction of “Fellow” by the National Contract Management Association Board of Directors.

Johnson maintains an active involvement in community service and retains membership in several professional and civic organizations to include Virginia Commonwealth University Alumni Association and African-American Alumni Council, serving on the School of Business Board of Directors from 1994 to 1996, the African-American Federal Executives Association, the Christian Small Publishers Association, and the Autism Society of America, Howard County, Maryland Chapter.

Pastor Johnson is the eldest son of Ernest and the late Adele Johnson. He attended and graduated from the Richmond Public School system and Virginia Commonwealth University earning a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Management/Economics/Finance. He also completed course work towards a MBA degree at Marymount University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In 2002, Johnson graduated from the True Disciple Ministries Bible Institute, Somerville, New Jersey, earning three Church Ministries Certifications through ETA, Wheaton, Illinois. Johnson lives in Clarksville, Maryland, with his wife and three teenaged sons, Kevin, Christopher, and Cameron.

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