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Give God The Glory! Study Guide - Know God And Do The Will Of God Concerning Your Life

Give God The Glory! Study Guide - Know God And Do The Will Of God Concerning Your Life

by Kevin Wayne Johnson

This study guide redefines the core message of the first book in the Give God the Glory! series: Know God (mental) and Do the Will of God (action) Concerning Your Life. Systematically divided into two parts with three chapters each, this STUDY GUIDE navigates students, teachers, church leaders, pastors, bishops, librarians, book clubs, Bible scholars,


This study guide redefines the core message of the first book in the Give God the Glory! series: Know God (mental) and Do the Will of God (action) Concerning Your Life. Systematically divided into two parts with three chapters each, this STUDY GUIDE navigates students, teachers, church leaders, pastors, bishops, librarians, book clubs, Bible scholars, seminaries, colleges & universities and readers through an in-depth Bible study to broaden their knowledge of God’s Word and to develop a closer walk with Him. Walking in the spirit and spiritual leadership are key components that are found within the pages of our new spiritual books. Amongst the plethora of best selling spiritual books, this Study Guide brings forth new meaning to the initial book (2001) in the Give God the Glory! series (Know God and Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life). Reading and teaching from this Christian resource are topics such as the Christian life profile, the Christian family, the Christian experience, living Christian, how to be a contagious Christian, Christian education, your Christian impact on others, Christian references and Christian praise and worship. This soon-to-be bestselling Christian nonfiction Study Guide will rank amongst good books for Christians that list Christian values for new Christian believers as well as others who have tasted the goodness of the Lord in their lives. Categorized as the Christian faith book, it focuses on teaching Christian principles, extracted from the Word of God, for the purpose of helping us to Know God and to do His Will concerning our lives. Prayerfully, readers will be encouraged to explore the contents of their Bible through the year and will learn the importance of how to get into the Bible regularly. This will draw us closer to His Word through an understanding of Bible truth and of the promises of God in the Bible. This new Christian book and Study Guide is an excellent resource for your church bookshop, church shops and outstanding church gifts, church items, church resource and church literature. It is considered by many in the publishing industry as a great church book, amongst the many church books, as well as excellent Bible based teaching for your church library. This church gift addresses church foundation, particularly in chapter three that addresses spiritual gifts. Through small groups, it is a great resource for weekend Bible study. Your walk through the Bible in a year, Bible thought of the day, daily Bible Scriptures and daily walk through the Bible programs can be monitored and evaluated based upon your growth and development relative to the Holy Bible and study with your church family and friends. Christ is preeminent throughout this Study Guide. For example, readers learn that Christians must make a case for Christ, accurately state the case of Christ, reveal the passion of Christ, understand why to live is Christ and utilize and recommend this Study Guide as a case for Christ book. Through diligent study of the six chapters of this Study Guide, readers will ultimately learn and subsequently teach others, that a life in the Word is our key to success. Other key themes that reverberate from its pages include life without fear, living a life you always wanted, learning to live a new way life and finding the cure for the common life. Yes, life is tough but don’t waste your life by missing out on God’s life-changing Word. As with all books and devotionals in the Give God the Glory! series, this Study Guide can be purchased through a list of Christian books, on line Christian book stores, the Christian book club, the Christian book store, international distributors and chains that sell world Christian books and through outlets that treasure Christian books. List African American Christian author Kevin Wayne Johnson when selecting quality Christian books.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
The author of Give God the Glory! is proof that God does work with and through people, as he observes in the introduction. There is honesty in this book that leads to the Word. I am grateful Deacon Kevin W. Johnson includes the they reinforce the power in this book for new and retired Christians - ChristianBookReviewer

Congratulations on the publication, I wish you great success with your first printing. Your book Kevin touched me, please know our prayers are with you as well. - Gayle King, Editor-at-Large, The Oprah Magazine

When pondering the big question,"What is the meaning of life?" some readers may find comfort and answers in Give God the Glory!, a book written by ministry leader Kevin Wayne Johnson. Give God the Glory! includes scripture that reinforces the author's words with God's. Topics in the book are designed to be helpful to family situations and personal relationships. Within the six chapters of the book, there are specific instances to encourage readers to give a little bit of themselves everyday to God.- The Courier News, A Gannett Newspaper serving Central Jersey, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Sujata Parida, Staff Writer, November 21, 2001

A wonderful book that helps the reader to view acts of faith in the author's life, which can be translated into strength and sustained faith for the reader. Kevin Wayne Johnson joyously embraces the words of God through the Bible and his acts of Christian faith. This book is a great book for those on a faith journey. It will strengthen their understanding of living a life of faith and expose what it truly means to Give God the Glory! - Dallas BET newspaper, Valder Beebe, Wedding and Lifestyle Editor, December 20-26, 2001

The language used in this book is descriptive, understandable and clear. The author provides contextual information, references and lots of easy to understand definitions. The book provides a blueprint of how to strengthen your Christian walk. One of my favorite parts of the book was the section that covered spiritual gifts. The book will have you grabbing pen and paper so that you can takes notes. It is thorough and inspiring. I am sure that if you read this book with an open heart and answer the questions to consider that the author has listed at the end of each chapter, you will be touched. This was an excellent book and I hope that Mr. Johnson continues his writing for the Lord. - R.A.W. SISTAZ book club, Tee C. Royal, Founder, Book Reviewer

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Writing for the Lord Ministries
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Give God the Glory, #6
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Study Guid
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8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.33(d)
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17 Years

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From the Publisher
Reading this inspirational book is a life-changing experience. It is truly a blessing for all of us who wish to learn to follow God's plan in our lives. I recommend Give God the Glory! to anyone who is searching for a guide to a more fulfilling spiritual life. Through the special gift of his writing ministry, Kevin Johnson models for all of us the ways in which we can each use our own talents to bring others to the Lord and to spread the word of the gospel. - Nancy Boyd-Franklin, Ph.D., Professor, Rutgers University, Co-author with her husband, Dr. A.J. Franklin of the book, Boys into Men: Raising Our African American Teenage Sons

¨ Give God the Glory¨ is a literary blessing to all who will read it. Your book has such insight on God's personal relationship with us. This is a must read for those who want a devotional and spiritual uplift in the Holy Ghost. May God continue to inspire you to write so that many will be led to Give God the Glory! - Reverend Ronald L. Owens, Senior Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Metuchen, New Jersey

Give God the Glory! is full of in-depth information for the Christian and non-Christian alike. The author has done extensive research of the Holy Bible and various secular resources. Reading this book will provoke one to consider their purpose for living. You will be convinced, as I was, that the Word of God is true and applicable for living in the 21st century. I recommend Give God the Glory! as wonderful literary work to be included in your personal library. - Melvin Johnson, Sr., Founder, True Disciple Ministries Bible Institute (an Evangelical Training Association affiliated Institute)

Deacon Kevin W. Johnson gives us a successfully laid out strategy in helping us to Give God the Glory!. He shares his personal testimony. He provides us with Scriptural support and through these pages gives us the opportunity to look within ourselves and realize that God has been truly good to us and we must take the time, everyday of our lives, to give Him the Glory He desires and deserves! I would also encourage anyone who wishes to have an impact on developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, as well as introduce others to Christ, to read this book. I am proud of this first of many literary contributions Deacon Kevin will have the privilege to share with the World at large - Patricia Webster, Senior Pastor, Shiloh Pentecostal Church, Inc., Christian Love Center, Somerville, New Jersey

Every Christian is gifted and commissioned to faithfully administer the manifold grace of God. With such a high calling it is imperative that we live each precious moment with a precise revelation of our part in God's overall plan. Kevin Johnson's book, Give God the Glory! sets out to help the reader discover that revelation. His timely message is both practical and penetrating providing a comprehensible plan of action well worth implementation. - Lawrence Powell, Pastor, Agape Family Worship Center, Rahway, New Jersey

Meet the Author

With the fundamental belief that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things, Pastor Kevin Wayne Johnson lives to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion is reflected through his national best-selling book series (Give God the Glory!), that earned 17 literary awards from 2001 to 2012, all published through his Christian-based publishing company – Writing for the Lord Ministries, as a former radio and television host, and in several leadership positions within the local church, the Christian publishing industry, and the National Association of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana).

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Johnson was introduced to the Bible and the Christian doctrine as a child and active member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. At the age of eight, his maternal grandmother (Granny), a devout Seventh Day Adventist, prophesied that he would preach the gospel in due season. From these planted seeds, Johnson, alongside his wife, Gail, confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior on May 2, 1993. This spiritual transformation occurred slightly less than two months after their marriage on March 6, 1993.

An active member of the Purpose Management Team and Pastor of Discipleship at Celebration Church, Columbia, Maryland, Pastor Johnson oversees the following ministries: Prayer, prison (men and women), Christian education (Bible Institute), Christian guidance, and the Good 4 U Health and Wellness. He also serves as Secretary, National Association of the Church of God Men’s Ministry (2009 to present). Johnson was initially ordained into the Christian ministry as a deacon while at Shiloh Pentecostal Church, Incorporated, Christian Love Center, Somerville, New Jersey, with his wife, in 2000. He is an Evangelical Training Association (ETA) certified instructor (2000 to present).

Johnson is a professional in government as well as private industry. For 27 years, he has performed successfully in numerous middle and senior-level positions in the areas of workforce development, training, organizational change, acquisition/procurement, customer service, client relationships, and program management, to include the Department of Defense, Department of the Treasury, the Government of the District of Columbia, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Department of the Army, Defense Logistics Agency, and in the private sector at Vivendi Universal and Reuters America. He has testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, and has prepared testimony that was presented before the District of Columbia Committee on Government Operations. Johnson is a graduate of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School’s Executive Potential Program (1996). During this program, he assisted the Office of Federal Procurement Policy with several procurement reform initiatives that were tied to the National Performance Review under the Clinton Administration. In 1999, he was awarded the distinction of “Fellow” by the National Contract Management Association Board of Directors.

Johnson maintains an active involvement in community service and retains membership in several professional and civic organizations to include Virginia Commonwealth University Alumni Association and African-American Alumni Council, serving on the School of Business Board of Directors from 1994 to 1996, the African-American Federal Executives Association, the Christian Small Publishers Association, and the Autism Society of America, Howard County, Maryland Chapter.

Pastor Johnson is the eldest son of Ernest and the late Adele Johnson. He attended and graduated from the Richmond Public School system and Virginia Commonwealth University earning a B.S. degree in Business Administration and Management/Economics/Finance. He also completed course work towards a MBA degree at Marymount University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In 2002, Johnson graduated from the True Disciple Ministries Bible Institute, Somerville, New Jersey, earning three Church Ministries Certifications through ETA, Wheaton, Illinois. Johnson lives in Clarksville, Maryland, with his wife and three teenaged sons, Kevin, Christopher, and Cameron.

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