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Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

by Luke Chapman
I was awakened up this morning out of sleep, when I looked at the clock; it said three, in the morning. As I began to say this, I Heard softly this is one of Gods perfect numbers.

I went up into the loft and as I was looking around, I saw my rocker in the corner of the loft, where I used to pray; now this is three o clock in the morning. I Heard the Spirit of God


I was awakened up this morning out of sleep, when I looked at the clock; it said three, in the morning. As I began to say this, I Heard softly this is one of Gods perfect numbers.

I went up into the loft and as I was looking around, I saw my rocker in the corner of the loft, where I used to pray; now this is three o clock in the morning. I Heard the Spirit of God speak unto me so softly and say these Words, why don't you go over there and pray, because I was going to go down stairs and pray on the couch, when I got done, up In the loft, this was just my thoughts that I had earlier. So when I Heard the Spirit speak unto me, He was actually leading me to go over there in the rocker and for me to pray there. It is always important to obey the Voice of God and do everything that He tells you to do and Follow His leadings as He gives then unto you, for the reason that the Spirit of God spoke unto you in the first place, because God always has a reason, for speaking unto us, we must realize these things, all through our walk with God, all of the days of our life.

I obeyed the Voice of the Lord and took the gloves off of the rocker and sit down to pray. Then I began to pray softly and to begin to sing and worship. However though, I was only in prayer and worship, approximately, three minutes and I Heard these Words spoken unto me, so softly, give us thy daily food, as I pondered on what I just Heard, thoughts come to me, in the Lord's prayer, there is a portion of it that says, give us our daily bread.

You see when I went to bed earlier that night, I just wanted to sleep long enough, to get my rest and my plans were to get up in the middle of the night and pray for the leading of the Holy Ghost, for the next book that God wanted to write, because God is the writer, I am just His Servant, wanting to please God and always be led by the Spirit, to minister unto me, what to write, every time I write anything for God. This is just the way that God taught me to write Christian books.

This is how that God gave me the leading of hid Spirit today, for my daily bread. (FOOD) I have been taught by the Holy Ghost, my teacher, to always be led by Him, to do many things, when it comes to God and especially to walk in the Anointing, being led by the Spirit is a way of life for me to always live and many people tell me, I never knew that you were a writer, well I am a Servant of the Lord, I just allow Him to lead and guide me to pray for the Anointing, on a regular basis and I just obey His Voice and His Leadings as He always gives them unto me.

I am ask things a lot of times about, how did you get your land, and how can you afford to build a new home, on one income, because I am not working. This opens up a door, for me to witness, about everything that God has blessed me and my wife with. When I tell these people, Christians and sinners alike, how God gave us our land from one short heart felt prayer, they are always amazed, and usually, in wow and wonder.

God is a good God, if His Children could learn how to pray and live for God and learn to live Holy, as the Word of God tell you to live, then you too can be given, your daily bread (FOOD) FROM THE LORD, to experience Gods Love on a higher level than fleshly thinking and become lead by the Spirit of God, to draw you unto a higher way of living in life. As a Son or a Daughter that is led by the Spirit of God and allow this to become a way of life for you, you also Will experience, God's grace giving you hidden daily bread, not just once in a while, Being a partaker of the table of God, in this life, in the natural and in the Spiritual. Your mind needs to be renewed to be taught these things, from your Spiritual teacher, the Holy Ghost. for all the reasons that God baptized you, with His baptism.

Gods Will for every Child of God is, to receive your daily bread in life, if you ever get a revelation, on how to serve God, with all of your heart, mind, and Soul, YOU WILL BE taught.

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My name is Pastor Luke L. Chapman. I haven't always been a preacher, quite the contrary. When I was a young teenager everyone always said: "Boy what a good kid Luke is. He is a wonderful young man." Because of a stepfather that had no love for me, my clothes were packed for me and placed on the front porch on Christmas morning. Arrangements were already made for a near friend to pick me up to take me to my real dad's home. This became a cycle unto me. I learned soon to take flight in life, realizing I'm on my own. I was kicked out of school for truancy, failure to want to go to school and to learn. This started a foundation for my life, for my ongoing future. My new friends taught me how to smoke, drink, and cuss and to tell lies. I graduated to smoking weed and using cocaine. I never drank or used cocaine on a regular basis. I just started on weekends or invited parties. I got married and had a Child when I was 21 years old. But, with a lifestyle of drinking, spending money in bars and not on bills or in my home, I soon went through a divorce. Does this sound familiar, like today's youths? At this time, now I'm remarried my wife and I are both cocaine addicts. My wife smoked weed? I sold weed and cocaine to supply our habits. My wife left me one day. I was arrested the same day and put in jail. In jail, I bowed my knees on the floor in my cell. I was the only one there that day. I called upon Jesus and was saved and sent to North Central Correctional Institution. I never thought anyone cared. But I was so wrong. What was meant for evil for me, God changed for the good. Prison became My Bible College. Prison was where God counseled me about my morals. God taught me about being a good husband, a good father unto my Children and how a preacher must live and act. I served six and a half years in prison to learn not do use drugs, not to walk through life aimlessly. I learned my lesson. God raised me up to be a preacher in prison. Prison was my lifesaver. Wow, what a statement one might say! The reason prison was my lifeline was I could have graduated to the other side of life... Six Feet Down. I almost did! I had a heart attack, just before I was sent to prison, from smoking crack cocaine. I almost died.

Your Friend... The Harley Davidson Preacher Man
Luke L. Chapman
Gods Vision... A Ministry of Fire

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