The Given

The Given

by Imajinn Books, Sharron McClellan

Editorial Reviews

The Given is a very ingenious fantasy of a young girl who grows in strength and spirit as she experiences womanhood....THE GIVEN is a story sure to catch the readers up in its fanciful and intrepid tale of acceptance, forgiveness and love.—Marilyn Heyman for The Road to Romance
A Romance Review
Ms. McClellan has created a richly developed fantasy world, and a hero and heroine that are perfect for each other....This reviewer looks forward to re-visiting the characters and fantasy world created by this new voice in the paranormal romance genre!
Paranormal Romance Reviews
Ms. McClellan spins a wondrous tale of warriors, adventure, romance, mystery and a little spice of sensuality to tie it all together. THE GIVEN gives you a wonderful new world to travel without being stuck in the same old story over and over....Bravo for Ms McClellan!—Theresa Norman
ScribesWorld Reviews
In The Given, author Sharron McClellan pits duty against destiny, hope against revenge....The story is well crafted with fine attention to the details of a fantasy world.—Diane Burton

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