Glencoe Algebra 1 Student Edition C2014 / Edition 1

Glencoe Algebra 1 Student Edition C2014 / Edition 1

by McGraw-Hill Education

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ISBN-10: 0076639231

ISBN-13: 9780076639236

Pub. Date: 07/06/2012

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

- The only program that supports the Common Core State Standards throughout four-years of high school mathematics with an unmatched depth of resources and adaptive technology that helps you differentiate instruction for every student.
• Connects students to math content with print, digital and interactive resources.
• Prepares students to meet the


- The only program that supports the Common Core State Standards throughout four-years of high school mathematics with an unmatched depth of resources and adaptive technology that helps you differentiate instruction for every student.
• Connects students to math content with print, digital and interactive resources.
• Prepares students to meet the rigorous Common Core Standards with aligned content and focus on Standards of Mathematical Practice.
• Meets the needs of every student with resources that enable you to tailor your instruction at the classroom and indivdual level.
• Assesses student mastery and achievement with dynamic, digital assessment and reporting. Includes Print Student Edition

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date:
Merrill Algebra 1 Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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Product dimensions:
8.70(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.50(d)
Age Range:
13 - 14 Years

Table of Contents

Chapter 0 Preparing for Algebra

0-1Plan for Problem Solving

0-2Real Numbers

0-3Operations with Integers

0-4Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

0-5Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

0-6The Percent Proportion




0-10Surface Area

0-11Simple Probability and Odds

0-12Mean, Median, Mode, Range and Quartiles

0-13Representing Data

Unit 1 Relationships between Quantities

Chapter 1 Expressions, Equations, and Functions

1-1Variables and Expressions

1-2Order of Operations

1-3Properties of Numbers

Extend 1-3 Algebra Lab: Accuracy

1-4The Distributive Property




Extend 1-7 Graphing Technology Lab: Representing Functions

1-8Interpreting Graphs of Functions

Chapter 2 Linear Equations

2-1Writing Equations

Explore 2-2 Algebra Lab: Solving Equations

2-2Solving One-Step Equations

Explore 2-3 Algebra Lab: Solving Multi-Step Equations

2-3Solving Multi-Step Equations

2-4Solving Equations with the Variable on Each Side

2-5Solving Equations Involving Absolute Value

2-6Ratios and Proportions

Extend 2-6 Spreadsheet Lab: Descriptive Modeling

2-7Percent of Change

Extend 2-7 Algebra Lab: Percentiles

2-8Literal Equations and Dimensional Analysis

2-9Weighted Averages

Unit 2 Linear Relationships

Chapter 3 Linear Functions

Explore 3-1 Algebra Lab: Analyzing Linear Graphs

3-1Graphing Linear Equations

3-2Solving Linear Equations by Graphing

Extend 3-2 Graphing Technology Lab: Graphing Linear Equations

Explore 3-3 Algebra Lab: Rate of Change of a Linear Function

3-3Rate of Change and Slope

3-4Direct Variation

3-5Arithmetic Sequences as Linear Functions

Extend 3-5 Algebra Lab: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

3-6Proportional and Nonproportional Relationships

Chapter 4 Equations of Linear Functions

Explore 4-1 Graphing Technology Lab: Investigating Slope-Intercept Form

4-1Graphing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form

Extend 4-1 Graphing Technology Lab: The Family of Linear Graphs

4-2Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form

4-3Writing Equations in Point-Slope Form

4-4Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

4-5Scatter Plots and Lines of Fit

Extend 4-5 Algebra Lab: Correlation and Causation

4-6Regression and Median-Fit Lines

4-7Inverse Linear Functions

Extend 4-7 Algebra Lab: Drawing Inverses

Chapter 5 Linear Inequalities

5-1Solving Inequalities by Addition and Subtraction

Explore 5-2 Algebra Lab: Solving Inequalities

5-2Solving Inequalities by Multiplication and Division

5-3Solving Multi-Step Inequalities

Explore 5-4 Algebra Lab: Reading Compound Statements

5-4Solving Compound Inequalities

5-5Inequalities Involving Absolute Value

5-6Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables

Extend 5-6 Graphing Technology Lab: Graphing Inequalities

Chapter 6 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

6-1Graphing Systems of Equations

Extend 6-1 Graphing Technology Lab: Systems of Equations


6-3Elimination Using Addition and Subtraction

6-4Elimination Using Multiplication

6-5Applying Systems of Linear Equations

Extend 6-5 Algebra Lab: Using Matrices to Solve Systems of Equations

6-6Systems of Inequalities

Extend 6-6 Graphing Technology Lab: Systems of Inequalities

Unit 3 Exponential and Quadratic Relationships

Chapter 7 Exponents and Exponential Functions

7-1Multiplication Properties of Exponents

7-2Division Properties of Exponents

7-3Rational Exponents

7-4Scientific Notation

Explore 7-5 Graphing Technology Lab: Family of Exponential Functions

7-5Exponential Functions

Extend 7-5 Graphing Technology Lab: Solving Exponential Equations and Inequalities

7-6Growth and Decay

Extend 7-6 Algebra Lab: Analyzing Exponential Equations

7-7Geometric Sequences as Exponential Functions

Extend 7-7 Algebra Lab: Average Rate of Change of Exponential Functions

7-8Recursive Formulas

Chapter 8 Quadratic Expressions and Equations

Explore 8-1 Algebra Lab: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

8-1Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

8-2Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial

Explore 8-3 Algebra Lab: Multiplying Polynomials

8-3Multiplying Polynomials

8-4Special Products

Explore 8-5 Algebra Lab: Factoring Using the Distributive Property

8-5Using the Distributive Property

Explore 8-6 Algebra Lab: Factoring Trinomials

8-6Solving x2 + bx + c = 0

8-7Solving ax2 + bx + c = 0

8-8Differences of Squares

8-9Perfect Squares

Chapter 9 Quadratic Functions and Equations

9-1Graphing Quadratic Functions

Extend 9-1 Graphing Technology Lab: Rate of Change of a Quadratic Function

9-2Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing

Extend 9-2 Graphing Technology Lab: Quadratic Inequalities

Explore 9-3 Graphing Technology Lab: Family of Quadratic Functions

9-3Transformations of Quadratic Functions

Extend 9-3 Graphing Technology Lab: Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations

9-4Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square

Extend 9-4 Algebra Lab: Finding the Maximum or Minimum Value

9-5Solving Quadratic Equations by Using the Quadratic Formula

9-6Analyzing Functions with Successive Differences and Ratios

Extend 9-6 Graphing Technology Lab: Curve Fitting

9-7Special Functions

Extend 9-7 Graphing Technology Lab: Piecewise-Linear Functions

Unit 4 Advanced Functions and Equations

Chapter 10 Radical Functions and Geometry

Explore 10-1 Algebra Lab: Inverse Functions

10-1Square Root Functions

Extend 10-1 Graphing Technology Lab: Graphing Square Root Functions

10-2Simplifying Radical Expressions

Extend 10-2 Algebra Lab: Rational and Irrational Numbers

10-3Operations with Radical Expressions

Extend 10-3 Algebra Lab: Simplifying nth Root Expressions

10-4Radical Equations

10-5The Pythagorean Theorem

Extend 10-5 Algebra Lab: Distance on the Coordinate Plane

Explore 10-6 Algebra Lab: Trigonometric Ratios

10-6Trigonometric Ratios

Chapter 11 Rational Functions and Equations

Explore 11-1 Graphing Technology Lab: Inverse Variation

11-1Inverse Variation

Explore 11-2 Graphing Technology Lab: Family of Rational Functions

11-2Rational Functions

11-3Simplifying Rational Expressions

Extend 11-3 Graphing Technology Lab: Simplifying Rational Expressions

11-4Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions

11-5Dividing Polynomials

11-6Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

11-7Mixed Expressions and Complex Fractions

11-8Rational Equations and Functions

Extend 11-8 Graphing Technology Lab: Solving Rational Equations

Unit 5 Data Analysis

Chapter 12 Statistics and Probability

12-1Samples and Studies

Extend 12-1 Algebra Lab: Evaluating Published Data

12-2Statistics and Parameters

12-3 Distributions of Data

12-4Comparing Sets of Data


12-6Permutations and Combinations

12-7 Probability of Compound Events

Extend 12-7 Algebra Lab: Two-Way Frequency Tables

12-8 Probability Distributions

Extend 12-8 Graphing Technology Lab: The Normal Curve

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