Glenn Gould Radio Documentaries

Glenn Gould Radio Documentaries

by Pablo Casals

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Disc 1

  1. Peridically and Strangely Enough, Not Infrequently-I Meet Someone ...  - Albert Kahn
  2. Not So Very Long Ago-When I Was in Puerto Rico Last-We Were ...  - Albert Kahn
  3. It's a Very Strange Feeling-When You're Sitting, Talking to Don ...  - Albert Kahn
  4. You Have to Understand That I Am Speaking Not as a ...  - Albert Kahn
  5. In the United States Today, I Suppose His Name Is Most Closely ...  - Albert Kahn
  6. Now I Say That the Marlboro School Is the Best Possible-The Best ...
  7. One Question That Was Recently Asked Me Regarding Casals, I Found ...  - Albert Kahn
  8. May I Inject Myself, My Own Personality into This Discussion for a ...  - Felix Galimir
  9. Last Year in the Festival We Had Played a Bruckner Symphony  - Guillermo Figueroa
  10. And There's One Rather Interesting Contradiction That Is Perhaps Worth  - Albert Kahn
  11. Now Casals Is a Very Strong Personality  - Felix Galimir
  12. It Was Sir Francis Bacon Who Said That There Is No Beary Which ...  - Albert Kahn
  13. I Also Think That Basically Casals Is a Very Simple Person  - Felix Galimir
  14. If I Were Asked to Sum Up Don Pablo's Credo, I Think I Would Quote ...  - Albert Kahn
  15. Casals: A Portrait for Radio  - Harry Mannis

Disc 2

  1. This Is Glenn Gould and This Programme Is About Leopold Stokowski  - Glenn Gould
  2. Think of Our Solar System. It's Colossal Size  - Leopold Stokowski
  3. Although I Am Interested in Everything in the Universe, What I ...  - Leopold Stokowski
  4. First of All, It's Our Privilage and Our Necessity to Try to ...  - Leopold Stokowski
  5. If I Had to Perform the Music of, Say , Mozart or Shostakovish or ...  - Leopold Stokowski
  6. I Think That Ives Had That Freedom  - Leopold Stokowski
  7. We Must Give Our Education of Music and of Philosphy and of Everything  - Leopold Stokowski
  8. It Can Asll Be Expressed in on Word, and That One Word Is Freedom'.  - Leopold Stokowski
  9. But Had the Russian Artist Been Divorced from the West?  - Leopold Stokowski
  10. It Is Remarkable That One Can Stay in the Home and Hear Music from All  - Leopold Stokowski
  11. In Holland, About 20 Years Agoa, I Was Conducting the ...  - Leopold Stokowski
  12. I Find That Everyday Come New Possibilities and New Isead and They ...  - Leopold Stokowski
  13. It Is Quite Possible That the So-Called 'Cave Man Had Such Ideas Too.  - Leopold Stokowski
  14. Stokowski: A Portrait for Radio  - Harry Mannis

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